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the fur of a rabbit


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castrated male rabbit

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Unfortunately, as Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin has courageously pointed out, a disproportionate percentage of those leaders are secular Jews, whose actions are reinforcing an old, sickening stereotype of the Jew as a corrupting agent.
The agreement, signed today, covered the importation, distribution, sales and operational marketing of Lapin Kulta beer in Sweden.
Rabbi Lapin is a South African who moved to the United States in 1974 and established the Pacific Jewish Center in Venice, California in 1978.
A statement from the corporation here notes that as head of GE Japan Ltd., "Lapin will concentrate on developing GE's business interests in Japan and will serve as GE's principal representative to the Japanese government and business communities."
Duishenbiyev and Lapin expressed their readiness for further stepped-up actions of the United Group of Forces.
"On Monday alone Russian planes flew more than 50 sorties near Aqayrbat to wipe out nearly 180 terrorist targets - terrorists' pockets of resistance and strongholds, underground shelters, command centers, terrorists groups, artillery positions and ammunition depots and fuel and lubricants warehouses," Lapin said, TASS reported.
"I've never seen an employee who was let go for good reason agree that indeed, he or she was let go for a good reason," said Lapin. "And retaliation is always a possibility.
Lapin enjoyed a long career as a salesman for Atlas Distributing and United Chevrolet, and has retained the quick wit and personable demeanor that were once his sharpest tools.
De son signe, celui du Lapin, on releve certains de ses caracteres.
That's the conceit behind Steve Martin's comedy "Picasso at the Lapin Agile." (Lapin Agile is the name of the bar, and means ``nimble rabbit.'')
Board of Director members having agricultural interests include: John French, Prism Business Media; Jeff Lapin, Farm Progress Co.; Peggy Walker, Vance Publishing Corp.; Jim Watt, Watt Publishing Corp.
The contracts were received by Oriola Oy, Fenno Medical Oy, Moelnlycke Oy, Tamro Oyj, Verman Oy, Suomen 3M Oy, Serres Oy, Tyke Oy, Suomen Sairaalatukku Oy, Harman Nauha Oy, Becker Dickinson Oy, B Braun Medical Oy, Sataside Oy, Nordic Health Systems Oy, Danlab Oy, Mekalasi Oy, Hemocue Oy, Astra Tech Oy, Bard Medical Systems Oy, Johnson & Johnson Finland Oy and Lapin Muovi Oy.
According to The Washington Times, a highlight of the conference came when Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a right-wing Jewish activist from Washington state and ally of TV preacher Pat Robertson, clasped hands with Mokhtar Lamani, the Organization of the Islamic Conference's ambassador to the United Nations.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian military group's Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Alexander Lapin, told reporters on Tuesday the Syrian troops are completing the defeat of the ISIL which blocked Deir Ezzur Northern and Southern neighborhoods.