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an expert on precious stones and the art of cutting and engraving them


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She is a lapidarist of words, reducing language to precise fractals.
He worked as a hoedad tree planter, silversmith and lapidarist.
Everyone in the mineral world knew John Sinkankas, through his achievements as an author, artist, mineralogist, bibliophile, bookseller, field collector, lapidarist and gernologist.
We call on government to fund access roads to mining sites, provide water reservoirs in mining sites and training of artisanal miners and lapidarists to enhance their value to the industry.
In October 2002, three trade association namely, the Sri Lanka Jewellery Manufacturing Exporters Association (Established in 1979), the Sri Lanka Lapidarists and Exporters Association (Established in 1985) and the Sri Lanka Jewellers and Gem Merchants Federation (Established in 1969), merged with the Sri Lanka Gem Traders Association (Established in 1970) and founded the Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Association.
"Strawberry quartz" crystals have been taken from this place since 1989, and have won the favor more of lapidarists than of specimen collectors, but both will now have to handle the fact that the outcrop is exhausted and no new crystals will be forthcoming.
Obviously this is an enduring work, and a well-known "standard reference," addressing itself to readers having diverse interests in gemstone materials: in the words of O'Donoghue's preface, it is an "exhaustive study of those substances, both organic and inorganic, natural and man-made, which have at some time been used as ornament." Keeping faith with such a broad mission statement, extremely abundant information is offered, not only for working gemologists and lapidarists but also for mineralogists, crystallographers, those interested in synthetic gemstones, those who study "value-enhancing" techniques for ornamental materials, those who are students of "the biological gem materials," and yes, even for mineral collectors.
The famous South African collector Desmond Sacco writes in a Foreward that "a full-color field guide to the rocks and minerals of southern Africa is long overdue." And Cairncross himself, in his Preface, names five readerships--target audiences--it aims to serve, namely (1) mineral collectors, (2) earth science students, (3) gemologists, (4), lapidarists, and (5) outdoorspeople and "naturalists."
These shows are always important to check out, because a few serious mineral dealers always seem to nest there, among the lapidarists and fossilists.