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lap at the front of a coat

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But what really stood out were By Deepti Jakhar and Tanya Banon in New Delhi India MENS WEEK pleated palazzo pants, cowl neck lapelled blazers and angrakha inspired shirts.
The second sofa is the expanded body of a man in a lapelled jacket and neatly buttoned shirt, but with a small, fanciful bird perched on his head.
Look out for the key pieces - single breasted suiting with textured stripes and a satin lapelled velvet tux, perfect for the fast-approaching party season.
Can you imagine your son asking for nearly PS400 for a satin lapelled suit that will never be worn again?
IT WAS hard, but I resisted the overwhelming urge to don purple psychedelic trousers and a giant lapelled jacket with kipper tie to match.
The pencil-thin, snake-hipped fivesome take the stage in a flurry of needlethread cords, Gibson guitars and big lapelled shirts.
Man, those narrowly lapelled sharkskin suits, that felling left and that slaughterhouse right, and that scowl; his badness transcended race.
One of his favourite outfits was a brown and black Prince of Wales check suit with cuffed sleeves, a lapelled waist coat and no turn-ups, set off by a vast amber signet ring.
"Four years later, after cutting my trainee designer teeth in Leeds and subsequently Elland, I made my decision: carefully folding my wide lapelled suit and a couple of pairs of flared Levis, I left Huddersfield in my blue VW Beetle for the south of England.
I chart my life by what I had on - a button-down, high-waisted, tulip- lapelled journey through the cults and fads and fashions which were our youth.