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lap at the front of a coat

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When he evinced the intention of wiping them, she caught him by the lapels of the coat and backed him into a chair.
In a safe place Tom examined two large needles which were thrust into the lapels of his jacket, and had thread bound about them -- one needle carried white thread and the other black.
His hand was on the lapels of his coat, in the attitude of removing the garment, when he suddenly suspended the movement, and looked toward the commiserating Elizabeth, who was standing in an unchanged posture, too much absorbed with her anxious feelings to heed his actions.
A recalcitrant metal shaper insisted on peeking from under his lapels, and his ready-made tie with its two grey satin-covered cardboard wings pushed out of sight, see-sawed, necessitating frequent adjustments.
Beneath this, however, were visible the collar and lapels of a jacket, similar in colour and cloth to the cap.
"No, but look here, old chap," said the youth in the red tie, trying affectionately to capture the doctor by the lapels of his coat.
Baleling, 31, is addressing her students through a wireless microphone (lapel mic) clipped to her uniform.
On Wednesday, the flamboyant governor was photographed at the Senate Devolution Committee, where he had placed a gold Versace brooch lapel pin on the right-side lapel of his navy blue suit.
Your accessory of choice should be a lapel pin since you can't wear a tie.
* Broaches and lapel pins: Stepping out this festive season without a broach and a lapel pin will feel like missing an essential part of your dress.
He was unaware that his lapel microphone was already on when he said that he badly needs a bathroom break.
HARRISBURG -- On May 30, 2018, the Michael Hillegas Chapter/NSDAR Regent-Sharon Tanner and Veterans Chairman-Shelia Albright, met with Joy Ann Pyle and her family to present her with the Department of Defense Vietnam War Commemoration Certificate of Honor and a lapel pin.
Lakeland, FL, July 25, 2018 --( The purchase of a little lapel pin with a big message will connect young women with the Wearing Confidence Program organized by the nonprofit Top Buttons Inc.