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a dog small and tame enough to be held in the lap

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Lapdog is a portable workplace solution that houses a notebook computer and unfolds easily for use on your lap, an airline tray or any other work surface.
with his lapdog!!" the Daily Mail quoted her as tweeting.
Though the evolution of the band's name is not exactly side-splitting, Lapdog's explanation of how the lightning bolt on the band's logo differs from the Grateful Dead's is one for the books.
LITTLE lapdog Maggie took on the nation's top dogs in a national pooches competition and surprised everybody by making it to the grand final.
Poor old Freddy follows the misfiring Dutchman all round Europe like a lapdog only to be pipped by Rafa Benitez.
North East Big Brother hopeful Anthony Hutton has been branded a "lapdog" by a housemate.
The Chinese made the animal the first sign of their zodiac, but others have called it the devil's lapdog and blamed it for spreading the plague.
After Leon Czolgosz assassinated the president at the fair in Buffalo, N.Y., the nation followed Theodore Roosevelt into the Progressive Era, and it would not elect another big-business lapdog as president for 20 years.
Is E&P just a lapdog of the nation's largest newspaper conglomerate or a peer journal?
You don't mess with German Chancellor Angela Merkel or her French lapdog Francois Hollande.
You have to admire Alexander's bravado, if not his lapdog attachment to the Tory Chancellor George Osborne.
The days of a lapdog Welsh First Minister will end when Carwyn Jones leaves office, and Westminster had better get used to that."
No doubt this will be forced through by lapdog David Cameron, but we should be given a national vote on this.
Not forgetting the United Kingdom, complicit in Iraq and Afghanistan, as America's lapdog in chief.
If Blair was Bush's Poodle, then Cameron is unquestionably Obama's lapdog!