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writing board used on the lap as a table or desk

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Along with the K63, Corsair also launched the K63 Lapboard Combo to make it easier to use in your living room.
The Lapboard with a cloth pad resting on it turned out to be the perfect resting place for the rather large and heavy EFB computer.
The lapboard gave Johnson the freedom he wanted, not restrained by what he couldn't do.
Accordingly Westex Europe, a sales organisation for high-technology products and solutions, will help to establish sales, marketing and distribution for the Phantom Lapboard to e-commerce, retail and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) industrial markets throughout Europe.
Plastic windows, squared off so the original curvature is lost, lapboard fencing instead of paling type for maximum sun on the garden instead of permanent shadow and, of course, the endless cement gardens paying homage to the "god" car or, more correctly, massive land cruisers.
Infinium Labs (OTC BB: IFLB) has announced it will be launching the Phantom Lapboard in the second quarter of 2006.
WINTER SHED SALE6 x 4............pounds 85 8 x 6 ........pounds 105 Tongue & Groove PRICES SLASHED Heavy Duty Lapboard BM4639738 WHOLE SALE SHEDS 4 cm x 1 col6 x 4 ........pounds 150 8 x 6 ........pounds 170 10 x 8 ......pounds 280 Delivered & Erected FREE Green Mineral Felt 0121 773 8088 077451 97393 Mob: 8am-8pm Unit 36, Biz Space Business Park, Bordesley Green
I worked from a home office; I worked in a "real" office; I worked on a lapboard in the car at the sidelines of soccer practice.
For example, if the resident could get out of a wheelchair if the lapboard or belt restraint was not in place, then the lapboard or belt restraint meets the definition of a restraint.
In the blue chair, with his work on his lapboard, after a pleasant dinner of macaroni and sausage and salad, he dozed off.
It also had a 'lapboard' for the console which would give a PC gaming like experience.
* If you use the paperless approach-plate option, you need to brief yourself on the approach and make notes on your lapboard. An alternative is to carry traditional paper charts in addition to the paperless option on G1000.
"I can carry food from the freezer to the microwave and place hot foods from the oven and microwave on a trivet on the lapboard. The tray also carries dinner dishes to the sink."
The team can also discuss whether arm rests will be helpful and/or whether a lapboard or wheelchair tray is needed for various activities.