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a slender endoscope inserted through an incision in the abdominal wall in order to examine the abdominal organs or to perform minor surgery

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Under the assistance of laparoscope, transverse colon was pulled towards the direction of head to identify the position of Traitz ligament.
To find the adjacent structures the laparoscope would go through in the operation, a layer anatomy from the back was carried on.
The port cap is placed, the abdomen is insufflated, and the laparoscope is inserted.
This he said while inaugurating the 24 hours Out-door Patients Department (OPD) and the first pediatric laparoscope facility at Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar on Friday.
Follow Me is an advanced function of MST's AutoLap, an image-guided laparoscope positioning system.
Results: Time required to insert laparoscope was significantly different in both groups; 125.566.2 seconds for Veress needle group and 90.62.02 seconds for open (transublical) group.
Robotic FloShield proactively protects the laparoscope from condensation, debris and smoke.
The term "single-incision laparoscope" refers to minimally invasive surgery chat requires only one cut.
Because the procedure is performed using a laparoscope inserted through tiny incisions in the abdomen, this type of surgery is considered safer than "open" surgery performed through larger incisions.
* The Laparoscopic Lens Internal Cleaning System (LLICS)--a surgical instrument that cleans laparoscope lenses in situ during minimally-invasive surgeries--features a handle made of a blend of Eastman's Ecdel copolyester TPE and its Eastar PETG.
Chen said at the preparatory meeting that as many as 10 biomedical enterprises are interested in setting up operations in the zone, including Pou Yuen Tech Corp., Ltd, a Taiwan-based biomedical affiliate of Pou Chen Group and specializing in implants, and Intai Technology Corp., a leading laparoscope manufacturer in Taiwan, who plan to invest some NT$5 billion (US$ 166 million).
A laparoscope is a fibre-optic tube containing a light to observe the darkest recesses of the abdomen, a camera to take photographs, and a knife for a biopsy of anything questionable.
Now, with the laparoscope, we only need to a few small incisions (each one about 1/2-inch in length).
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