lap joint

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joint made by overlapping two ends and joining them together


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So, the thermal resistance of single lap joint prepared from PI-50/50 film was good.
The effect of shading on moisture entrapment in pine and maple L and lap joints was evaluated in a moderate decay zone (Madison, Wisconsin).
A third option, a double lap joint, is shown to overcome all of these issues, but the design and fabrication of the test sample is critical.
Three sets of parameters were defined to model the joint: Dimensional parameters (figure 1), including the total length L of the lap joint, the overlap length Ls, the width of the strips 2W, the thickness of the strips T1 and T2, the rivet hole radius R and the rivet head radius Rc.
The FAA has adopted a new AD that is applicable to certain Boeing Model 737-100, -200 and -200C series aircraft, requiring repetitive inspections to detect discrepancies in the upper and lower skins of the fuselage lap joint and repair if necessary.
2007) Interfacial microstructure and strength of steel/aluminum alloy lap joint fabricated by magnetic pressure seam welding, Materials Science and Engineering A 471, 95-101
This AD requires repetitive inspections to detect cracking in the lower skin of the stringer 4R lap joint and certain fuselage frames, and corrective action if necessary.
Carter's nomination was based on his technical management of Delta's inspection of the fuselage lap joint for all Boeing 727s in the airline's fleet.
The compatibility of treated wood veneers with PVC was examined by measuring the shear strength of a single lap joint.
Tenders are invited for Make Lap Joint Complete With Gas Welding Of Box C-43A Make Lap Joint Complete With Gas Welding Operation Of Box C-43A Through Trade As Per The Drawing No.
A method and apparatus for joining two pieces of wood veneer with square cut edges by a lap joint with a pre-determined thickness not greater than the thickness of a single piece of veneer.
Engineers also have added control over stress intensification factors for plastic piping components, such as lap joint flanges and elbows.
The amount of adhesive required in fabrication of a frame is greatly reduced with the simple lap joint construction.
The raised lap joint is in the family of lap joints, while the tongue and groove, one dimple and V joints are essentially are in the different family.
Protective wood blocks and large washers were then slipped over the ends of the bolts, and the nuts were threaded onto the ends of the bolts and tightened to apply pressure to the lap joint areas.