lap joint

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joint made by overlapping two ends and joining them together


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It was observed that the curved lap joint with a radius of curvature of r=500 mm carried the highest damage load and the curved lap joint with a radius of curvature of r=100 mm carried the lowest damage load.
Test methods for wood adhesives for non-structural applications: Determination of tensile bonding strength of lap joints. EN 205.
In welded lap joints and cover plates, both mode I and mode II stresses are singular at the weld root, where fatigue cracks are likely to initiate.
In the second run, single lap joints were produced, after laser treatment, to measure the effect of the treatments on the adhesive strength.
This is the edge of the bottom sheet in the lap joint where the moisture is accumulated (zone 4C).
Furthermore, per SCVWD standard design philosophy for reliability and protection of the public water supply, the field joints were all bell and spigot welded lap joints. Because a fully welded steel pipeline provides restraint against movement due to thrust forces, the relocation of this 42-inch pipe was thought to be much less of a design problem.
Fish scales inspired the lap joint metal panel cladding of the sail wall.
The purpose of this study was to determine if having fewer operator-controlled factors during welding practicums will improve secondary students' ability to meet weld quality standards for an AWS 1F test (flat position-fillet lap joint).
Pal Influence of energy induced from processing parameters on the mechanical properties of friction stir welded lap joint of aluminum to coated steel sheet" Int.
The lap joint is covered with sealant to prevent ponding water in the sleeve from leaking to the interior.
The chapters cover subjects such as structural design solutions and loading conditions for fuselage skin joins; relevance of laboratory test results for simple lap joining specimens to riveted joints in a real structure; the effect of various production and design related variables on the riveted joint fatigue behavior; theoretical and experimental analysis of secondary bending and its implications for riveted joint fatigue performance; nucleation and shape development of fatigue cracks in riveted longitudinal lap joints; overview of experimental investigations into the multi-site damage for full-scale fuselage panels and riveted lap joint specimens; residual strength predictions for riveted lap joints in a fuselage structure.
Examination revealed extensive skin wrinkles on both sides of the aft fuselage and separated underbelly sheet metal, which was torn from its fasteners at a lap joint.
After the incident Boeing told airlines that own about 190 other 737s built in the 1990s to immediately conduct electromagnetic inspections of an area of the roof called the lap joint, where overlapping panels of skin are riveted together.
Furthermore, Boeing is collaborating with regulatory organizations and Southwest to create a bulletin advocating lap joint inspection on specific 737 aircraft.