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a white soft metallic element that tarnishes readily

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Absorption: Lanthanum is minimally absorbed in healthy individuals.
Lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium and neodymium are the most critical rare earth elements for the metalcasting industry.
This report provides in depth study of "Lanthanum Nitrate Market" using SWOT analysis i.e.
The 21 patients were in a cohort study observing the effect of lanthanum carbonate on lowering serum phosphate level.
In this new research, the team utilised lanthanum iron oxide to create a semiconducting material that gave the ideal results for the production of hydrogen from water using sunlight, making it the strongest candidate yet for renewable hydrogen generation.
Merely reducing the amount of neodymium and replacing it with lanthanum and cerium results in a decline in motor performance.
In sequence, the lanthanum oxide (R.G., Vetec) and basic bismuth subnitrate (R.G., Dinamica) were dissolved with nitric acid (R.G., Vetec) in separate flaks and finally added to different solutions, in order to result in six different compositions, as show in Table I.
Lanthanum oxide nanoparticles, one of the rare earth oxides, have been exploited for application in many interesting fields [10-14].
Late last month Lupin rolled out lanthanum carbonate chewable tablets 500 mg (base), 750 mg (base), and 1,000 mg (base).
In detail, one work reported the direct dissolution of lanthanum compounds in the electrolyte used to produce PEO coatings [15] and particles of insoluble cerium oxide were also used suspended in the electrolyte to obtain their coprecipitation during PEO process and improve the properties of the oxide layer [16,17].
Lanthanum, a transition metal, is applied in many studies due to environmentally friendly characteristic and being relatively abundant in the Earth's crust [34, 36].
"When you go to extract rare earths, the majority is cerium and lanthanum, which have limited large-volume uses."
Did you know that each Prius hybrid car uses 10 pounds of Lanthanum for its rechargeable battery!
These agents are often categorized into calcium-based (calcium acetate, calcium carbonate, and calcium citrate) and calcium-free binders (aluminum hydroxide, sevelamer hydrochloride, sevelamer carbonate, lanthanum carbonate, nicotinamide, and magnesium carbonate), all of which are effective in lowering serum phosphate (Malberti, 2013).