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any element of the lanthanide series (atomic numbers 57 through 71)

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In the case of nine-coordinated lanthanoid complex formation energies, the whole picture is pretty much the same.
We tested the binding energies for eight-and nine-coordinated lanthanoid complexes using the BP functional and the second set of basis sets described in the methodology section (pseudopotentials where the core-shell electrons were substituted by the scalar-relativistic 4f-in-core pseudopotential [10,33] and the corresponding (7s6p5d)/[5s4p3d] [10], (5s5p4d)/[4s4p3d] + 2s1p1d [10,34], and (6s6p5d)/[4s4p4d] + 2s1p1d [10,34,35] basis sets for lanthanoids, and cc-pvdz, aug-cc-pvdz, or aug-cc-pvtz [36,37] basis sets (altogether 9 combinations) for the other atoms).
A different behaviour is exhibited by the lanthanoid series elements (one of the 2 REE series), which are less mobile and always present in higher amounts in the [PM.sub.10] fraction than in the parent PM of all samples.
where [Ln.sup.3+] denotes a lanthanoid ion, the subscripts "aq" and "o" denote aqueous and organic phases, respectively, and [K.sub.T] and [K.sub.P] are equilibrium constants.
The experimental data for the extraction of the lanthanoid metals with a mixture of HTTA-PAR and HP-PAR are given in Figs 1-3.
Lanthanoid metals are attractive as magnetic materials because of their high spin numbers and strong magnetic anisotropies on the 4f orbitals.
The procedure of selective sequential extractions according to the Tessier methodology, does not manage to extract significant amounts of the REE's (lanthanoids) that are present in these samples, except in the conditions of maximum aggressiveness, i.e.
Varbanov et al., "Synthesis of octa(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)octakis(dimethylphosphinoylmethyleneoxy) calix[8]arene and its application in the synergistic solvent extraction and separation of lanthanoids," Separation and Purification Technology, vol.
In Periods 6 and 7, within the numbers 58-71 and 90-103, families of Lanthanoids and Actinides are located, respectively.
through protocorm-like bodies: effects of plant growth regulators and lanthanoids. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, 93: 333-340.
Changes in this edition include updates to the chapters on organometallic catalysis in synthesis and production, bioorganometallic chemistry, and new developments in the field; there is also a new chapter on organometallic chemistry of the lanthanoids and actinoids.
The next pair of presentations looked at some of the relationships other than groups and periods, such as the diagonal relationship, the (n) and (n+ 10) relationship, the Knight's move relationship, isoelectronic patterns, relationships among the lanthanoids and actinoids, and the concepts of "combo" and pseudo elements.
Djingova R, Ivanova J, Wagner G, Korhammer S, Markert B (2001) Distribtion of lanthanoids, Be, Bi, Ga, Te, Tl, Tb and U on the territory of Bulgaria using Populus nigra 'Italica' as an indicator.