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any element of the lanthanide series (atomic numbers 57 through 71)

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If all lanthanide elements of each group are on a straight line, the [T.sub.i] value will be zero indicating that no tetrad effect occurred.
The possibility of a relatively accurate REE analysis (10-30%) only for certain lanthanides with the instrumental neutron activation analysis technique (INAA) did not allow to fully reveal the peculiarities of geochemistry of REE.
Tissue, "Synthesis and luminescence of lanthanide ions in nanoscale insulating hosts," Chemistry of Materials, vol.
Zhang, "Upconversion fluorescence imaging of cells and small animals using lanthanide doped nanocrystals," Biomaterials, vol.
All chains of lanthanides begins as vibrational with R(4/2) near 2.0 and move towards rotational (R(4/2) [right arrow] 3.33) as neutron number increases.
This second metal center may have more predictable coordination geometry than its lanthanide counterpart, and thus make a contribution to the overall structure.
Use of the lanthanide chelates of Eu and Tb allows elimination of the rapidly decaying background fluorescence originating from plastic ware, light scattering, and sample components.
Which lanthanide element is represented by the symbol Tm?
A Alkali metal B Inert gas C Noble metal D Lanthanide 9.
Nevertheless, some irregular shapes in the normalized REE curves can be observed owing to the lanthanide tetrad effect (LTE) (Censi et al., 2007; Rezaei Azizi et al., 2017; Abedini et al., 2018b,c).
The decision was taken at its annual general meeting in Sydney, Australia today after its chief executive officer Amanda Lacaze allegedly told the meeting that Malaysia did not allow the corporation to increase production of lanthanide.
Experiments found a "symbiotic" effect between the organic dye and lanthanide metals in the nanoparticles.