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having a protruding jaw giving the face a gaunt appearance

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Inside, there are lantern-jawed busts and "designer" license plates and all sorts of third-rate knockoffs -- the downtown Washington equivalent of the inaugural rubbish offered on the QVC shopping network.
They include: filthy story-teller, ignoramus Abe, old scoundrel, butcher, and (my favorite) "a long, lean, lank, lantern-jawed, high cheek-boned, spavined, rail-splitting stallion." The next time Bush objects to being called a wimp, remind him of that barb, issued during Lincoln's reelection campaign.
We also meet lantern-jawed Francis Gary Powers (Austin Stowell), who will be shot down in the film's most dynamic sequence --a rare taste of action amid so many slick wheeler-dealer proceedings.
Up until that point though his very lantern-jawed presence on my telly heaped one humiliating emasculation upon another - not helped by the other half's tendency to shoot me pitying "Never mind dear, I don't really mind that you can't so much as wire a plug or put up a shelf"-type glances each time he appeared.
The lantern-jawed actor played astronaut and test pilot Colonel Steve Austin who, after being virtually mangled in a jet crash, is bionically rebuilt by a gadget-happy, covert US government agency.
Pretend you're some lantern-jawed Hollywood matinee idol like Clark Gable and try not blub and flap around the bathroom looking for a plasters like a little girl should you absent-mindedly take a big nick out of your own neck.
This lavish production makes good use of comic book-style primary colours to bring the lantern-jawed hero to life.
Lantern-jawed and bright-eyed, his nimble gait and saucy manner made him ideal for comedy character roles in I'm All Right Jack (1958 with Peter Sellers and Ian Carmichael), Dentist in the Chair (1960, with Bob Monkhouse) and Carry on Cruising (1962, with all the usual suspects) and lastly a remake of The Parent Trap (1998).
And, of course, her experiences as the girlfriend of Ron Wayney - the lantern-jawed England soccer hero and all-round dreamboat.
And weOre talking revenge with a big, bloody R, as the lantern-jawed lunk pumps cops and cons with lead in his hunt for a cannibalistic killer called Kevin (Elijah Wood).
But the question on everyone's lips is how come the world's most boring man, Terry, the recovering stroke victim, has managed to hook the Woolpack's Aussie babe Louise, played by lantern-jawed Emily Symons?
His flamboyant, frequently gayish antics place him in apostolic succession to a madcap handful of athletes such as Joe Namath, Rollie Fingers, and Muhammad Ali, all of whom challenged the lantern-jawed stiffness that had traditionally made sports stars such dull role models.
Cast in bronze, each of the armed service statues features a handsome, slightly larger than life, lantern-jawed and bare-chested male each with classically-honed physique and appropriate attribute - globe and gun, rope and ship's wheel and aeroplane propeller respectively, while the women's services statue is obviously an amply-bosomed, beautiful woman with a book of remembrance on her lap and a victor's laurel wreath in her left hand.