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a transparency mounted in a frame


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They are pictured making railway station clocks in one of 60 early 20th century glass lantern slides which provide a window into the now long-lost way of life of the railways.
In the early twentieth century, there were many presenters who used magic lanterns and their glass lantern slides to illustrate dialogue of distant lands, exotic animals, travelogues, etc.
Roberts then projected a second lantern slide of the same region, this one from a glass photographic positive that had recently arrived from the United States.
The Edinger Apparatus (Figure 1, A) is the most notable device used to adapt a lantern slide camera to the microscope.
Soon the catalogs of established US-based lantern slide suppliers, such as the firm of T.
She gave lantern slide lectures on photography at both clubs.
Consider a firsthand example: I just purchased a lantern slide showing a Key West, Florida, dock covered with living green turtles, turned upon their backs, awaiting shipment to New York City's food markets.
According to Steve Humphries, The Road to the Isles was one of the most popular magic lantern slide packages of late Victorian Britain.(3) Typically pointed toward a largely urban and middle-class audience, lantern slide travelogues matched reportage with advertisement, and were a highly popular form of both public and domestic entertainment in the last two decades of the nineteenth century.
Conway had a lantern slide show showing a progression of Gallo TV commercials down the years, featuring the two folksy characters who did much to propel Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers into front-runners.
LIGHT FANTASTIC: Magic lantern slide 1900 - 1925 RABBITING ON: John Wesley (Untitled) Falling Alice 1928 acrylic on paper AUTHOR: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) ORIGINAL: The original manuscript of Alice in Wonderland Images courtesy of The British Library COLOURFUL: Paul Laffoley's Alice Pleasance Liddell, 1968 [umlaut] Kent Fine Art, New York
Second, positive imagery of firemen was disseminated not only by the fine arts, but also by popular culture--the emerging mass media of prints, photograph, book and magazine illustrations, trade cards, magic lantern slide shows, cinema and advertising.
The lack of boundaries is emphasised by the wide range of exhibits -- from a yak tail wisk which is waved over the holy book in Sikh temples, to a small lantern slide box owned by Glasgow travelling evangelists and inscribed |The Wages of Sin is Death ...'; from the bible used by David Livingstone in Africa in the 1840s, to a Turkish prayer rug and a Japanese shrine cabinet.
This gable-fronted style, known as burstabaer, emerged during the late 1700s and is the most common among those that remain today It's likely that Grossman would have shown this image as a lantern slide at a lecture entitled Across Iceland' that he gave at the Royal Geographical Society in 1894.
The main topic of the first meeting was a lantern slide lecture given by an enterprising Icelandic explorer and the society now meets every Wednesday from September to June at Great Barr War Memorial Hall.