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He helped, pushing from beneath--she sensed through the boards his strain, his arms corded above his head like an Atlas heaving aside the globe--and when together they flung the hatch open he looked up to her, his lantern jaw thrust eagerly forward as if he were about to speak.
Desperate Dan, pictured above, was a comic strip featuring a barrel-chested cowboy of the same name, famous since 1937 for his well-stubbled, oversized lantern jaw and his love of cow pies.
The figure, complete with trademark jug ears and lantern jaw, is expected to be this year's must-have Christmas gift.
He might not seem to be an obvious choice, though he does have a Cooperesque lantern jaw.
Broad shoulders, strong arms, a lantern jaw set off by a couple of metal-capped teeth that glistened under the bright lights.
However, the initial drawings did not impress and Barnes told Watkins to give Dan his trademark lantern jaw.
When my mum saw the picture of Mackenzie, she said her blood ran cold, because he looked exactly like the man she had seen - the same large eyes, side-whiskers and lantern jaw.
One is a guy with dark stubble sprouting from his lantern jaw and eyes as hard as an enforcer for the Camorra, the Neapolitan version of the Mafia.
THEY share the same distinctive physical attributes - lantern jaw, piercing blue eyes and wiry frame.
He chuckled as he stroked his chin and replied: "Buzz Lightyear has a lantern jaw like mine."
But the broadcaster's jibe brought a chuckle from the former royal butler who stroked his chin and replied: "Buzz Lightyear has a lantern jaw like mine."
But Lee with his despicably upright ways, his bottom lip's refusal to quiver, his no doubt lantern jaw, has robbed us of even that enjoyment.