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East Indian tart yellow berrylike fruit

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Recession of the southern part of Barnes Ice Cap, Baffin Island, Canada, between 1961 and 1993, determined from digital mapping of Lansat TM.
Mapeamento do saldo de radiacao com imagens Lansat 5 e modelo de elevacao digital.
The extent (percentage) and variability (range) in tree canopy cover and the percentage of land covered by different land-use classes were obtained from the National Land Cover Database (30-m pixel size and pixel values indicating either percentage of canopy cover or land-cover type) generated from Lansat satellite images collected in 2001 by the Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium (MRLC 2008).
In centrul contestarilor pasapoartelor biometrice sta apelul lansat de arhimandritul Iustin Parvu, "Este vremea muceniciei!
At-sensor radiance, sun elevation, band-specific solar irradiance values for Lansat 5 and 7, and earth-sun distance were used to convert at-sensor radiance to top-of-atmosphere reflectance.
Subcuencas 8 9 Total 14 235,4 10.724,10 43.234,60 25 1.875,30 5.311,80 60.926,00 20 0 0 30.803,70 5 502 0 4.302,60 34 0 0 5.417,50 43 0 0 27.156,80 40 2.341,40 0 7.563,10 45 4.736,60 0 38.801,50 1 3.433,40 6.779,90 59.373,30 Represas 133,2 565,6 4.308,50 Total 13.257,30 23.381,40 281.887,60 % Total 4,7 8,29 100,00 Fuente: clasificacion de paisajes por imagenes satelitales Lansat 7, 2004 para el area-EEA INTA.
In addition, a combination of Lansat imagery, selected surface sampling over the more favourable occurrences and re-sampling where necessary should provide a basis for further detailed work.
Inaintea unor alegeri, Mircea Crisan a lansat bancul:
La inceputul anilor '60, SUA au lansat o noua strategie in relatiile cu tarile comuniste, asa-numita "building bridges policy".
La investigacion se llevo a cabo en el interior de unidades homogeneas de bosque natural, seleccionadas en base a cartografia vegetal, resuelta a partir de la clasificacion de una imagen Lansat (Zak & Cabido, 2002).
Pentru perioada 1994-1999, Comisia Europeana a lansat initiativa Interreg II.