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East Indian tart yellow berrylike fruit

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Idera said Lansa is an exciting addition to our developer tools portfolio and will be Idera Inc.'s premier low-code brand, enabling developers to build and deliver high-quality web, mobile and desktop applications exceptionally fast.
* LANSA's unique rules engine to centralise and apply the rules for the validation and the visualisation of business data to maximise reuse and minimise maintenance.
At the beginning of War of the Saints, a famous old wooden statue of Saint Barbara of the Thunder (a syncretism of a Catholic saint and an African deity, lansa or Yansan), borrowed from a small provincial church for an epochal exhibit of Bahian religious art, rises from the litter on which she is being removed from the sloop that brought her into Salvador's harbor, and strides off into the crowd, setting off the plot of this novel.
(43.) Duvernoy, 2:86: "'Senher, veray Dieus e veray horn, tot poderos, que naquestz del corse de la Verges Maria ses tot peccat, e presestz mort e passio sus l'aybre de la veray crstz et fostz per las mas e pels pes clavelastz e per le cap de espinas coronat, e pel costat de lansa nafrat, don esshic sane et ayga, don tostz em rezemitz de peccat, Senher, trametestz me una lagrema de aquela vostra ayga que lave le mieu cor de tota legesa et de tot peccat.'" (The Occitan of this prayer suggests that it is one of the few elements of Aude's dossier which experienced a minimum of inquisitorial translation.)
In 2004, PT United Tractors sold its shares in the Berau Coal to PT Armadian Tritunggal, which is owned by Jodiono Tosin (former executive of the Salim Group), David Lansa (the owner of PT Bumi Makmur, the coal mining contractor of PT Berau Coal), and Rizal Risjad (of the Risjadson Group).
vom lansa in curand noul "Gaina Office 2006", care nu numai ca va face traversarea strazii mai placuta, dar va furniza si oua, va clasifica fisierele importante etc....
Con alguni altri piu de una ora cosi combatessemo e, non volendosi piu ritirare, uno Indio gli lancio una lansa de cana nel viso.
Colombia 879.7 203.7 4 Molymet Chile 974.9 185.7 5 Minera Loma de Niquel (e) Venezuela 415.4 181.0 6 TIM Brazil 966.2 156.6 7 Biper Mexico 511.8 140.7 8 Gradiente Brazil 354.4 135.6 9 Americel Brazil 367.2 117.5 10 Codelco Chile 8,203.7 116.9 LAGGARDS COMPANY COUNTRY NET SALES 2004 % change US$ millions '04/'03 1 Alestra Mexico 436.6 -16.2 2 Volkswagen Mexico Mexico 5,542.6 -10.9 3 CVG Edelca Venezuela 962.6 -8.7 4 Telefonica CTC Chile Chile 1,261.9 -7.9 5 Backus & Johnston Peru 519.5 -7.1 6 Repsol YPF Argentina 6,665.9 -6.8 7 Tenaris Confab Brazil 334.4 -2.9 8 Empresas lansa Chile 415.0 -2.2 9 Grupo Corvi Mexico 1,237.1 -1.7 10 Electricidad de Caracas Venezuela 655.1 -1.3 (e) Estimate 500 Ranked by net sales as of Dec.
"Yes, for nearly forty years I worked in Colombia as public relations director for Esso (Standard Oil) and Lansa, the predecessor of Avianca, and then in Mexico as sales manager for Twentieth Century Fox and Columbia Pictures.
Miles took on the challenge and the result is HomeSoft, a fully integrated system for builders that MISG built with Lansa's development tool.