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a yellow viscous animal oil extracted from wool

an emollient containing wool fat (a fatty substance obtained from the wool of sheep)

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[ClickPress, Fri May 17 2019] Looking at the current market trends as well as the promising demand status of the Lanolin Market , it can be projected that the future years will bring out positive outcomes.
At least 18 years old, Nipple fissure with 1-4 score for Store, Single delivery, The term baby, The natural weight of the baby (2500-4000 gr), Infant without congenital malformation; palate, jaw and face and short frenulum, Exclusive breastfeeding Absence of nipple abnormalities such as nipple and breast or nipple surgery; very small or large breast, Lack of maternal immunodeficiency diseases; diabetes and hypertension, Lack of mother's neurological diseases and depression, Insensitivity to chamomile and lanolin ointments.
The Baysun district has enough raw material for the production of high-quality, cheap lanolin substance, Uzbek media reported citing the FEZ leadership.
Protection First Class is completely solvent free and formulated with top-quality, virgin ingredients; the woolwax lanolin formula has been classified as a non-hazardous, nontoxic substance.
We identified a new pathway for the metabolism of lipid in sheep skin, which may play a role in both the development of wool and in the efficient production of wool grease (lanolin)," Dalrymple said.
The wipes can also be used safely on hands due to their eco-friendly formula that is enriched with lanolin, aloe vera and vitamin E.
The ultra-pure medical grade lanolin makes for a luxuriously thick formulation.
Clearly Herbal baby wipes contain award-winning formulations consisting of alcohol free, perfume free and lanolin free ranges.
Each serving provides 1,000 IU of vitamin D3, and is free of CMOs, lanolin, hexane, gluten, milk derivatives and artificial colors and flavors.
The products are Lansinoh HPA Lanolin; Lansinoh mOmma Natural Wave Nipple featuring the mOmma Feeding Bottle; and the mOmma Spill-Proof Cup.
The product is free of GM0s, lanolin, hexane, gluten, milk derivatives, artificial colors and flavors.
Other key Ultra Handy Man product ingredients include aloe vera, a plant known for its unique healing properties and lanolin, a heavy duty skin softener.
On the latter subject, there is great background information about the science of wool (lanolin, chemical structures, etc.).
A friend told me about his grandma making a salve with clean pine sap and mutton or beef tallow, butter or lanolin. I have made several batches, which I have used myself, so I know firsthand that it takes care of chiggers.