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a tall and thin physique

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Standing 6'1, the Brit's lengthand size posed problems in the defeats to Gleison Tibau and Rich Clementi, as Etim used his reach and lankiness to his advantage.
And the entire seat unit can be slid forward or backward by up to 90mm to suite all levels of lankiness. Genius!
His lankiness sometimes reminding of James Coburn, whose turn in "The Magnificent Seven" also comes to mind thanks to Gideon's skill with a knife, Brosnan appears to relish his moments in the saddle as well as the gruff, minimal dialogue.
The United boss added: "We missed Shola's lankiness. People should not moan about him, because he is a difficult guy to contend with.
Street-Porter labelled North Walians 'unfriendly' last week and claimed she was made to feel like an alien during childhood visits (with those choppers, that lankiness and an accent that sounds as if she breakfasts on broken bottles she probably did look a tad extraterrestrial as a youngster).
According to anthropomorphic standards accepted in most parts of the world, lankiness involves both height and narrowness, though no precise unit of lank applicable to all personnel has yet been agreed upon.