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Synonyms for languorous

lacking energy and vitality or showing such a lack

Synonyms for languorous

lacking spirit or liveliness

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Taking one of the oldest lullabies written for a king at his birth, from Southern India, the poetry is explored to the accompaniment of languorous dance and lifting music.
In Debussy's Syrinx her tone was lithe and sinuous matching the composer's languorous music, becoming ripe and fulsome in Michel Legrand's soupily romantic La Valse de Lilas.
Ramadi / NINA / Chairman of the provincial council in Anbar Sabah Karhut described MPs for the province of Anbar as languorous.
In her introduction to this edition, award winning Antiguan-American novelist Jamaica Kincaid writes that the novel is "an unforgettable hymn to the resilience and power of women." Indeed, when trying to describe what exactly lives within the pages of Bridge, I found myself settling with the phrase, "it's the stuff that the blues are made of." With a "languorous sense of ease," as Paul Theroux comments, "it is poetical but not always clear." The effect of Bridge is intoxicating, and not just because it nurses familiar blues riffs from my own American heritage--its heady prose renders a vivid, full-bodied account of life in the Antilles.
Summary: Of all the musics performed in this town, it is arguably jazz that most needs the languorous inhalation of cigarette smoke by players onlookers alike.
Mathias Dingman wrings maximum show-stealing return from his role as the Prince's pimpish sidekick while his two good-time girls, Angela Paul and Laetitia Lo Sardo, provide a welcome lift to the languorous pace of the opening act.
Group leader Gaucho (Leonel Arancibia) promises a seven-day hike on foot to his godfather's home, and the brisk eight-minute prelude is followed by a more languorous pace.
Maybe so, but the whole point of such a wide, sweeping, stately expanse as this gracing Llandudno's North Shore is that it be used for gentle, languorous, indulgent strolls.
While the plot is perhaps more languorous than some might wish, it is a lush, thoughtful, utterly engaging tale that satisfies on many levels.
Titles: "I Feel Good" (Moderato), "People Change" (Leisurely), "Those" (Gracefully), "Food Song #1" (Vivo), "Food Song #2" (Languorous Waltz), "1Will Never Forgive You" (Furioso), "Songette" (very Fast), "Not Even a Haiku" (Very Slow), "Maxim #1"
The extended opening movement has a lot going on - an ominous opening (accompanied by a rumble that made the hall vibrate), Cecil B deMille cinematic flashes, brass fanfares, and languorous melody juxtaposed with thunderous kettledrums.
Summary: During Basant Panchami, languorous Patiala gets an infectious energy.
Much of the credit for the attractiveness of this recording goes to the Phantasm ensemble, whose pleasure in this lush and seductive music is plain; they sound as if they are playing in the shade of a tree on a warm summer afternoon, their phrasing exact but languorous as they tease out the details of Ward's voice-leading and follow the winding paths of his chord progressions--notice, in particular, how long and teasingly he avoids the final cadence on Fantasia no.
and we had been playing our games, and we were languorous,
Described as "an inviting, luminous hue," the shade combines the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green" evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring one's sense of wellbeing.