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The Language Bill directs us to establish a fully-fledged Language Unit across the board.
As can be seen in Figure 2 below, in some cases, levels of enrolment in first-year language units doubled from 2011 to 2014.
I have been an ELT practitioner, and later a teacher educator, for more than three decades in a variety of situations in both wings of Pakistan, as well as the Middle East where I received my first exposure to the Communicative Methodology, a methodology newly introduced in Pakistan at the English Language Unit of Aga Khan University, Karachi by KELT officers in 1985.
The research instruments included: AGU English language unit exams in English 151, attitude towards English language and satisfaction with the unit scales that were developed by the researcher.
The firefighters used the money to buy equipment for children at the Speech and Language Unit at Waterville Primary School, North Shields.
This research was supported by the MOE Project of the Centre for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, by Canada-China Scholars' Exchange Programme (CCSEP), and by the Strathy Language Unit, Queen's University.
The English Language Unit welcomed the visit of the UAB delegates to Ahfad University for Women Dr.
Next, a morpheme is a language unit that cannot be divided into smaller meaningful units, such as the--ed in walked .
Now, in foregrounding or thematising the language-identity assumption as something the making of which is both a prerequisite for and a source of possible meaning, Finnegans Wake also highlights, in a general way, the fact that the meaning of a particular language unit is always something produced by its interpreter.
Brown, 'Elective English Language Unit for the High School, 1936' (Mimeographed, 9 pp.
Ar about the same time, the Assembly of First Nations dismantles its language unit and closes its library.
A proposal for an English language unit at a new Midland school was condemned yesterday as an attempt at racial segregation of pupils.
The sample students were diverse in terms of racial and ethnic backgrounds and all were considered academically at-risk by the school district based on low standardized test scores, English proficiency (one of the six schools in the study housed the English as a Second Language Unit that was host school for non-English speaking refugee children,) and socio-economic-status (based on the number of students on free and reduced meals.
She also sent a letter to the director of the FBI alleging discrimination against all Chinese-Americans in the language unit, none of whom had been promoted.
It is comparable to proficiency tests in other languages and was designed by lecturers at UAEU, where it is run by the Arabic Language Unit in the Continuing Education Centre.
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