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Since Chinese is a written language system that could better reflect the visuoconstructional aspect of writing, we hypothesized that Chinese patients with AD might exhibit both linguistic and visuoconstructional errors in writing and would show more diverse visuoconstructional errors compared to AD patients who use the Roman alphabet.
It's as though there were two quasi-independent language systems in the brain.
If language classes either correspond to or symbolize concepts, then articulations within a language system are vocal descriptions of the real world.
The introduction of the humanistic language system was a refreshing break from the esoteric terminology that was invented by psychoanalysts and behaviorists.
Basic processes underlying reading comprehension are complex and call on the oral language system and a conscious understanding of this system, i.
Derek hit on the idea of his one-handed sign language system - called Single Hand Communication - after his gran suffered a stroke which left the 99-year-old unable to communicate.
Our findings confirm that dyslexia indeed compromises the language system, but the locus of the deficit is in the phonetic, not the phonological system, as had been previously assumed," says Berent.
We devised this experiment to unravel the unconscious interactions between the processing of emotional content and access to the native language system.
Professor Con Slobodchikoff of Northern Arizona University has spent the past 30 years trying to decode prairie dogs' sophisticated language system.
It's believed that the Italians were the first people to come up with a sign language system in the 16th century although it has evolved and changed many times since then.
In the case of computer signs, change easily occurs (a computer language system does not have any restrictions corresponding to the social conventions that stabilize sign values.
If one accepts the assumption that language system forms thought, then the multilingual person would have more than one thought.
They're really the link between the language system and the emotional system.
Amalga Life Sciences features a 'Concept Browser' for the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) ontology, which enables the user to input and connect multiple concepts via their ontological relationships.
These carefully selected and detailed accounts reveal the very basic but imperative understanding that talk and writing are mutually supportive, reminding us all that bringing a child's current language system (oral) together with the one being learned (written) is crucial for his literacy development.
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