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someone who arranges features of the landscape or garden attractively

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The landscapers have received a slew of cards and letters from appreciative patients.
Professional landscapers should have their own insurance, but Brian says few people ask to see proof in the form of a current schedule of insurances.
Many landscapers start by mowing lawns out of high school and may work years and build up a business before they even understand there are licensing requirements, "so they aren't going to stop what they are doing to do something else" in order to legally spray what have been doing anyway for years.
I was fortunate to inherit several gardens in the early Eighties that had been installed by a landscaper who firmly believed in using native trees, bushes, and flowers in his work.
Joe Massengale and the Massengale Brothers will offer Six Lessons for Six Sons: The Joe Massengale Way, as told to David Clow, with a Foreword by George Foreman, distilling advice based on Joe's journey from East Texas sharecropper to successful Beverly Hills landscaper.
Ask the landscaper for an example of a recent local job and go and have a look at it before making a decision.
Ensure the landscaper is either working to a design or that you have supplied him or her with images of what you want so that you know what the end result will be.
The APL offers the following top 10 tips to help you choose: Ask around and get recommendations from friends, neighbours, colleagues or familyAlways get at least two or three written quotesWhen comparing the quotes, ensure you are comparing like for like and ask for a breakdown to ensure everything you want is coveredAsk the landscaper for an example of a recent local job and go and have a look at it before making a decision.
Houston landscaper Blair Davis sees the Harris County Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force burst into his house, guns drawn, after the Texas Star hibiscus he grows is mistaken for pot.
Andrew Green, a landscaper in Fort Pierce, Florida, has been a customer of the Riverside National Bank in nearby Jensen Beach for about seven years.
One of the best ways of ensuring your landscaper is up to scratch is to choose someone who is a member of an industry association, like the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) or the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI).
Five patients were professional landscapers, and patients with pneumonic tularemia were approximately 32 times more likely to have worked as a landscaper than controls were (3).
Even with the help of a professional landscaper, you're reliant on artist renderings and the landscaper's personal vote of confidence for your best guess at how the finished product will look.
Worst summer Job "Working the night shift loading trucks while working as a landscaper during the day"