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(of land) improved by gardening or landscape architecture

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If the homeowner put a two- to five-foot low border around this natural area, it would have a landscaped, planned look.
Yet the landscaped surroundings have been carefully worked out and there has been a clear collaboration between Lahdelma and Mahlamaki and Gretel Hemgard, the landscape architect, in the preparation of paths, views, plantings and water around the circumference of the cylinder.
Besides major site plantings, Trees Atlanta landscaped parking lots.
According to Tencza, the plaza area will be landscaped with about 50 shade and flowering trees, 70 evergreen trees and 1,000 shrubs.
In addition to landscaping improvements being made to the area surrounding Beau Ciel's site, Beau Ciel has an extensive landscape plan of its own, including the outer deck of the Plaza Club which will offer a heated pool and spa tucked away within a lavishly landscaped deck overlooking the harbor below.