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a large continuous extent of land

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Nevertheless, as we see now, the Silk Road didn't die; it merely went into a coma from which it is emerging fast now, being resuscitated vigorously by the governments across the Eurasian landmass.
7) Results: Results will vary depending on the size of the clay landmass and the ice block, but the water should rise steadily over the next few hours until the ice has melted.
Ships sailing close to shore can experience difficulties with radars, due to reflections from the landmass and interference from the greater density of radar traffic.
The motley crew fly into the eye of a hurricane and are spewed on to sandy shores where Sean's gung-ho grandfather Alexander (Michael Caine) guides the newcomers through jungles teeming with danger, while an imminent volcanic eruption threatens to plunge the landmass into the churning waters.
This would have been long enough for arthropods trapped on the Indian landmass to evolve into a suite of unique species, but the encased organisms are closely related to Asian and European species.
It shows the shapes of landmasses accurately, but distorts their sizes: The farther a landmass is from the equator, the larger it appears.
The discoveries were made on what remains of the continent of Sahul, a prehistoric landmass joining Australia and Papua New Guinea.
Meanwhile, another landmass fell into the well burying two more people.
IN Depression-era New York, film-maker Carl Denham, writer Jack Driscoll and leading man Bruce Baxter set sail for Skull Island, a fog-shrouded landmass with a dark secret.
Many countries soon rise claim to the new landmass.
Animals may have migrated across land bridges that have since been separated by the motion of tectonic plates: a less likely possibility is that the animals floated from one landmass to another on rafts of vegetation.
In previous studies, various teams have argued that Australia, southern China, or even Siberia lay along the southwestern edge of Laurentia, a landmass that held most of what is now North America.
But the landmass is relatively small and surrounds the massive estuary delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers.
The Bering Strait separates the Europe-Asia landmass and the Americas, and has been the focus of several proposals to cross the strait, via rail, ferry and tunnel.
We know that greening is the way to mitigate the heat island effect, and we know that rooftops cover one-third of New York City's landmass, so the benefits of green roofs are logical," says Earth Pledge's Hoffman.