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Synonyms for landlubber

a person who lives and works on land

an inexperienced sailor

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This work includes extensional drilling of the Inferred 1.67million ounce gold resource at the Buccaneer Gold Deposit, Old Pirate extensions, the Caribbean Zone, the Empress Zone, Landlubber, Hook, Pearl and Cypress.
'Tis once again Talk Like a Pirate Day, and thar ye be sittin', me beauties and landlubbers, with yer cup o' grog, or yer bucket o' chum, holding this scurvy newspaper in your hand, just a-waitin' fer a tale.
Whether you're a landlubber or a sea view fan you can find all sorts of inspirations at your nearest Haslam Homes sites at East Shore Village, Seaham ( (0191) 581-0434, Hunters Gate, Ushaw Moor, Durham ( more details on (0191) 373-4780.
But some ichthyosaurs--especially early species that still had the long tail, flexible spine and the lizardlike proportions of their landlubber ancestors--probably undulated their bodies when they swam.
LANDLUBBER artists in the Coventry area are being asked to come up with seascapes as part of a competition to highlight the plight of fishermen and their families.
Landlubber "It's taken over 18 months to persuade The Ronaldos to play at our event, and we think that they are definitely well worth the wait," said Jamie Burgoyne, one of the organisers.
Unlike books on naval slang that are organized in alphabetical order, this one traces the derivation of such terms, grouped by subject, that have passed from the US, British, and Commonwealth navies to landlubber's everyday language.
Peter Coleman, 56, a self confessed 'landlubber' from Dinas Powys, is chairman of the South and East Wales committee of the Tall Ships Youth Trust, and is the man who brings them to Barry each year.
Day one was over, and just as anglers boast about the one that got away, the kitesurfing tales of our landlubber team grew to epic proportions as the wine flowed at the Crab & Lobster pub in Bembridge.
We don't keep our furs in the freezer rooms and games upon deck are more likely to be bingo than bridge these days but there is still something romantic about the thought of being a landlubber no more and taking sail.
Landlubber Lenny had visions of himself as "a thong-wearing sailor dude" but the reality was 12ft high waves, storms and force eight gales.
Their mother, Pauline, who had crewed with them on several stages of the voyage, met the yacht with her landlubber sons Patrick, David and Simon.
HOME BENEATH THE WAVES: Landlubber Stan Thompson often opened his home to officers from the submarine HMS Opportune when they were visiting Teesside, so naturally when they were in port in September 1966 they invited Stan back to their place.
Black Jake, alias Terry Wilkinson, said: "Every year we try to sneak ashore to pillage and plunder, but those landlubber kids are always waiting for us.
A SENSATIONAL and sleek Pflueger Trion baitcast multiplier reel is teamed with a Shakespeare SALT 12ft Beach MX rod for the best catch by a landlubber in our competition.