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a telephone line that travels over terrestrial circuits

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The Eidee offer is available for all active Landline, Broadband and SmartTV customers, who can participate in the lucky draw by paying current month PTCL landline bill before the due date.
Landlines are lifelines for hundreds of thousands of older adults, working families, rural households and individuals on medical devices who require access to a traditional landline telephone," said AARP Illinois State Director, Bob Gallo.
Landline connections in the country have been declining since the time mobile incoming calls were made free.
Oregon, where about a third of households are all-wireless, has a "carrier of last resort" requirement for the dominant carriers in the state, meaning that if they provide landline service to some they have to provide it to anyone who wants it, regardless of location.
The supply of new landline numbers also ensures that consumers and businesses continue to enjoy the widest choice of telecoms providers.
Industry representatives lobbied to legislators saying that access to reliable landline phone service would not be affected.
Yet, while the landline is still vital to more people than you may expect, its holding power is on a steady slide.
With its landline and broadband services PTCL is bridging the digital divide in the country by delivering innovative ICT services to the masses", added Aasif Inam.
After four months, I found out that they charged me Dh96 for my landline number and when I tried to lodge a complaint, they informed me that there is a separate landline number for the upgraded e-Life offer.
I make most of my calls on my mobile phone, so where is the value I get from free landline calls?
Not all homes have phones: About 3 percent have no landline or cellphone.
According to the National News Agency WAM, Etisalat announced that from July 1, eLife and standalone landline subscribers will will enjoy free national calls across the UAE.
And as soon as we got into it, within the first four or five months, we realized quickly that the investments required by landline carriers, like AT&T and others, were too expensive for us to be able to provide the services we wanted to provide.
On average, cellular monitoring costs the end user significantly less than a dedicated landline.