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a telephone line that travels over terrestrial circuits

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The reason we gave up our landline was, mainly, we would come in from work and our [phone] message box would be totally full" with voicemails from marketers and other unwanted messages, she said, despite having listed the number on the National Do Not Call Registry.
All major landline providers in the UK have increased their line rental charges significantly in recent years, according to Ofcom.
The people can also inform the police on Rescue 15 or emergency landline number 041-2601498, he said and appealed to the general public to keep vigil eye on suspects around them to avert any untoward incident.
We will soon be able to dial landline and mobile numbers from apps like WhatsApp, Skype and Viber.
Mr Vaizey said providers advertise a "juicy low price" for broadband then put an asterisk saying "by the way, you'll have to pay PS25 a month for landline rental".
Both the companies already have an operational partnership involving the Australian market and they collaborate on the landline service sector there.
While mobile phones are at the forefront of phone communication these days, significance of landline service cannot be underestimated.
The application empowers PTCL customers to dial and receive landline calls through mobile phones on-the-go anywhere and anytime.
THE Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( Trai) waived off charges that a landline service provider has to pay to other service providers for transmitting calls on Monday.
The reliability of landline phones - no cell phone tower outages, for example - is the main reason traditional phone companies have been required to provide landline service.
A spokesperson for Ofcom said: "Asking landline callers to use the code locally is intended to safeguard the future supply of new landline numbers and avoid the need for more disruptive measures, such as changing existing phone numbers.
Dan Warhola, 34, said he had a landline at his Columbus, Ohio, home but only because his security system was tied into it years ago when he bought his house.
Even with the growth of mobile phone users, every home still finds the need for a reliable landline connection.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), the largest integrated ICT services provider has extended its 'reconnect campaign' offering its landline and broadband customers 50% discount in outstanding dues on reviving their landline and broadband connections.
It could save data-hungry web users who don't make landline calls up to PS225 over 18 months.