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owning no land


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According to the government, a few rich and influential people have amassed huge amounts of land through often-corrupt means and forced the landless to work for them at near-slave wages.
pen letter to the Landless Workers Movement during the conference, supporting "its admirable action in favor of justice in the countryside and education for the poorest of Brazil.
A few days later, Nitoy Modma, son of a landless farmer in rural Leyte, was on his way to Yemen.
James Petras provides important information supplementing my one-sentence reference to the MST and other landless workers movements.
Mugabe has said the farm seizures were the only way to ensure landless blacks had access to farming, but the programme has brought commercial farming to a grinding halt and left the country and organisations which seek to take advantage of our hour of need,' he said.
One of Africa's wealthiest families, the Openheimers, owners of the De Beers diamond mining empire, has been given up to the end of the year to give up part of its huge land in Zimbabwe, said to be as "large as Belgium", for redistribution to landless peasants.
A representative of Brazil's landless farmers movement made an eight-stop tour of U.
SIXTY-TWO poor families in Manila received land certificates last Friday as beneficiaries of the city government's Land for the Landless Program (LLP).
Malapag in Carmen, Cotabato, were landless when they got married in 1994.
The beneficiaries include landless thram holders and different Khejos.
Its second phase would be started soon while another scheme for potable water supply has been included in Karachi Development Package 'We must all join hands to work for improving access to water for the poor and landless by maximizing water use efficiency, financing the urban and rural water economies and the water value chain, safe guarding the Indus Basin, its aquifers and its infrastructure, improving water governance and management of water institutions, building a base for science, technology and the social aspects of water,' he said.
Expression of Interest for Training of Marginal Farmers and Landless Households in Integrated Farming and Rural Occupations (Khasi-Jaintia Region)for Training of Marginal Farmers and Landless Households in Integrated Farming and Rural Occupations (Khasi-Jaintia Region), Meghalaya.
7834, the city will waive the penalties and charges for delinquent beneficiaries of the Land for the Landless program (LLP) who have outstanding amortization payments for more than three consecutive months.
They said that it was the struggle of Comrade Haider Bux Jatoi that peasants and landless haris have forged unity and forced the government to prepare new laws for protection of peasants' rights.
Experience from other disasters shows that women and those who are landless are often excluded from reconstruction and recovery policies and plans, largely due to a lack of documentation proving eligibility for support," the report said.