landing strip

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an airfield without normal airport facilities

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The 687th Engineers used the forward landing strip construction as an opportunity to train and validate essential tasks critical to their mission to provide general engineering support to maneuver commanders in support of unified land operations.
Their flight began about 40 miles away at Forfar with an intended destination of a landing strip near Alford.
Their flight began around 40 miles away at Forfar, Angus, with an intended destination of a landing strip near Alford.
RAF Valley had an important relief landing strip at RAF Mona, close to Jones' property, which had been in use for over a century.
Yildirim also denied that the newly-inaugurated Ordu-Giresun Airport lacks necessary equipment to enable landing in rough weather conditions, adding that as the airport was built in reclaimed land in Black Sea, it is subject to heavy fog that disables visibility of the landing strip "from time to time".
New York (AirGuide Features - Inside Air Travel) Mon, Jul 7, 2014 A Russian jet airplane has been involved in an extremely near miss after descending on Spain's Barcelona Airport only to find another passenger plane taxiing across its landing strip. The Russian Boeing 767, operated by UTAir and flying from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, was flying a mere 200 feet above ground on its approach to Barcelona, when pilots saw an Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus taxiing in its path, The Aviation Herald reported Sunday night.
The friends for more than 12 years will fly to Kathmandu in Nepal and then on to the landing strip of Lukla, known as the most dangerous runway in the world.
However, after the plane touched down on a runway at Edwards Air Force Base in California, one of the Dream Chaser's three landing gears failed to drop down, and left it struggling for balance as it shot down the landing strip, Discovery News reported.
but could not come to a complete halt before the end of the landing strip and the Boeing 737 to rest with its front half in a grassy area at the end of the runway, the report said.
He plummeted to earth in just 50 seconds in a specially-made wing suit, touching down on a landing strip of more than 18,000 cardboard boxes, 350ft long, 50ft wide and 12ft high.
The exercise consisted of multiple nighttime combat equipment jumps; assaulting and cleaning a flight landing strip; an air assault; a ground assault convoy; and evacuation of civilian noncombatants.
The plane, which was flying in from the Central Russian city of Voronezh for planned maintenence work, reportedly ran off the landing strip and caught fire.
The incident has taken place at a landing strip at Um Shalaya, 60 km southeast of Geneina, the provincial capital of the West Darfur state.
The plane landed safely at Arlanda and was held at the end of the landing strip as police detained a man in his 30s.