landing strip

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an airfield without normal airport facilities

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Their flight began around 40 miles away at Forfar, Angus, with an intended destination of a landing strip near Alford.
Their flight began about 40 miles away at Forfar with an intended destination of a landing strip near Alford.
Yildirim also denied that the newly-inaugurated Ordu-Giresun Airport lacks necessary equipment to enable landing in rough weather conditions, adding that as the airport was built in reclaimed land in Black Sea, it is subject to heavy fog that disables visibility of the landing strip "from time to time".
The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) requests offers for the Green Swamp West Landing Strip Pine Timber Harvest.
By the end of the exercise, approximately 1,000 airborne forces had jumped onto the battlefield and secured key positions, like the landing strip.
The plane, which was flying in from the Central Russian city of Voronezh for planned maintenence work, reportedly ran off the landing strip and caught fire.
The incident has taken place at a landing strip at Um Shalaya, 60 km southeast of Geneina, the provincial capital of the West Darfur state.
Norman Surplus was uninjured in the accident which happened as he was trying to take off from a landing strip in Thailand on Saturday.
Live on 66+/- Acres with two large ponds, a small landing strip and a fully irrigated palm tree farm with existing trees with more than 1/3 ready for harvest and sale or watch them grow and sell them for 25% more each year.
The Air Europa Boeing 737 jet, with 74 people on board, went off the end of the landing strip moments after touching down in Lanzarote in the Canaries.
After 14 years of controversy, the Mercedita Airport in Ponce will finally be able to complete the connection of 1,000 additional feet to its landing strip, said Ports Exec.
It will be the largest landing strip in the entire Middle East.
TWO parachutists landed on rocks on a beach when they missed a seaside landing strip yesterday.
Physically, he's the plane, and the pitcher's mound is the landing strip.
The aircraft reportedly attempted to land in heavy fog in Samara, Russia and landed short of the runway, scraping along the landing strip and finally overturning.