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platform from which passengers and cargo can be (un)loaded

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THE potential closure of one of the historic Wirral Landing Stages to edge the Mersey Ferries back towards profit is a possibility in 2016.
It declared: "Terrible Destruction of the Landing Stage." This inspired a double take of the date that turned out to be July 28, 1874.
The 40m-long, 15-tonne stretch of the floating landing stages was pushed by tug from the Liverpool Marina through to the dock and slotted into place outside Tate Liverpool.
The huge landing stages were designed to replace structures which were believed to have been in place since the docks were first regenerated in the 1980s.
Thirty landing stages provided over eight kilometres between Schiedam and Feyenoord.
Ferry piers to outlying islands have been rebuilt to the north of the station, and nearby are the landing stages of the famous Star Ferries which ply so romantically across the harbour between island and the Kowloon peninsula.
So let's hope they think about making itwood and let's have nomore farces of sinking landing stages and everyone laughing at Liverpool saying they can't even build a landing stage that stays afloat.
Not many ports have landing stages so close to their city centres and this is a great advantage for Liverpool.
Harbour authority officials are waiting for final approval from the National Assembly for a scheme which includes landing stages near the Wood Street bridge close to the city centre and at the barrage.
THOSE braving Mersey Ferries' weekend cruises as entertainment for visiting friends from afar might recall the commentary describing how the man who devised floating landing stages was ridiculed, with critics sneering that such pontoons would be swept away with the first big tide.
Managing director Steve Critchley said: "We were looking to bring a third boat in - I'm so glad that we didn't because of the poor weather this summer and the fact that landing stages near the Wood Street bridge and at the barrage are still not in place.
City leaders last night pledged one of the country's largest landing stages will be completed by April next year,close to the Pier Head -in time for the next luxury super-liner to be named in the shadow of the Liver Building.
UP TO 12 landing stages could be provided over the next three years as part of an ambitious drive to develop water transport in Cardiff.