landing flap

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a flap on the underside of the wing that is lowered to slow the plane for landing

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On the next pass, I directed my student to go to landing flaps on the downwind.
The final question is the minimum safe altitude to break out, see the runway, select landing flaps and be +51-0 Vref at 100 feet.
Other examples include how to operate the diving and landing flaps together (as opposed to just the landing flaps); why optical aiming telescopes did not work and were replaced by reflecting sights; where the very few surviving SBDs were in 1975; and what the American pilot record for combat dives is (107 is the answer).
The plane, which was coming in to land at Birmingham from Larnaca, Cyprus, on Saturday evening, was forced to circle the airport due to problems with its landing flaps.
During the third approach and immediately after selecting landing flaps at 300 feet AGL, the mission commander heard a loud bang, and the aircraft's right side began to vibrate.
He was then warned that landing flaps on the 747 aircraft weren't working.
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