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ownership of land

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a holding in the form of land

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Members say limiting landholding is contrary to Constitution
In response, the lawyer conceded that according to that definition of landholding, his client was obligated to declare his leased land in the forms.
Measures of landholding inequality within Africa's smallholder farming systems are not as high as "latifundia" Latin America, but are considerably higher than in most Asian countries and appear to be rising over time.
After years of negotiation, it has finalised the deal, paying EUR2million to An Blascaod Mor Teoranta, which owns 17 of the 25 landholdings on the 1,100-acre isle.
16] In all this the "salient point" was the nature of the landholding systems.
In a separate chapter, Zell proceeds to examine Kentish patterns of landholding, which was characterized by gentry consolidation but was also flexible enough to encompass lesser owners such as family farmers who increasingly focused on commercial and profitable economic activity in agriculture as well as industry.
He said that the agreement is a call for well-organized service in the sector linking the complete customers landholding information within one device.
Several of the chapters concentrate on landholding, labor relations, and the family from the mid-nineteenth century up to the mid-twentieth.
As a landowning elite these sectors had for some time been increasingly oriented toward the market and thus cannot be characterized as "feudal" or merely "pre-capitalist," but neither did they constitute a new-style, innovative "agrarian bourgeoisie," for new landholdings were generally integrated into the economic functions and culture of the existing elite.
With the completion of this second transaction, PolyMeteIUs total landholding will be approximately 16,600 acres.
If an NOC is not issued, a landholding can never be processed for acquisition and distribution to its farmer-beneficiaries and thus will remain under the control of its present landowner, thereby defeating the Carper's land-to-the-tiller objective," the petition said.
Mr Day said that, as a State Government landholding, Keralup formed a key component of the Government's housing affordability strategy and would also ensure an adequate supply of land to meet anticipated population growth in the Southern Metropolitan and Peel regions.
The biggest landholding was Hacienda Cana-an in Barangay Mabini, Cadiz City, with a total area of 386.
An activist farmers' group on Wednesday asked the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) to clarify the coverage of lands for distribution to farmers, and urged the department to include big landholdings and haciendas in the said distribution.
The Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Mr Gugile Nkwinti, will on Thursday 04 November 2016 address the National Conference on Regulation of Agricultural Landholdings at Birchwood Conference Centre, Boksburg.