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ownership of land

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a holding in the form of land

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'It was the same landholding where individuals were allegedly shot to death by the alleged guards.
Most issues arising from the existing pattern of land ownership concern the "concentration of social, economic and decisionmaking power" rather than simply the size of landholdings.
Muhammad Pehlwan was a small farmer, cultivating a leased landholding. Due to lack of finances, Pehlwan bought the inputs on credit.
Measures of landholding inequality within Africa's smallholder farming systems are not as high as "latifundia" Latin America, but are considerably higher than in most Asian countries and appear to be rising over time.
Those with large real estate holdings, such as landholding corporations or insurance firms, could run considerable risks.
North-side develop-ment proposals include a mixture of offices and housing, with associated community facilities and an extension to St George's Hotel The creation of up to 3,800 new jobs, plus a further 450 jobs during construction phases The potential creation of new leisure routes The creation of a logis-tics centre - air cargo, with rail and road connectivity - to maximise the employment potential of the airport's landholding Remodelling of the air-port terminal Southside develop-ment, accessed by a new link road, comprising a logistics and business park, engine testing facility and additional aviation support facilities, including a new apron and associated hangars Passenger numbers expected to grow to 200,000 by 2020 in line with Government forecasts.
The proposed development will also help reduce the carbon footprint of the business through 'off-setting' and generate an income to help manage and improve the landholding. It is planned to be sited 470m away from the Grade II listed Zion United Reformed Church in Flockton and 275m east from the nearest property.
The highly skewed landholding patterns in Nepal makes it unlikely that enough land can be arranged for to house all freed labourers.
The applicant will sever a parcel of land which contains an existing residence from their 33-hectare landholding on the west side of Pleasant Ridge Road for a lot addition.
THE State has bought the majority landholding on the Great Blasket Island.
Environment Minister John Gormley confirmed the state has purchased the majority landholding on the Great Blasket Island ending years of negotiations.
Unreliable real property data has been a long-standing problem for federal landholding agencies.
The project is contiguous with Radius's Amapola and El Trebol concessions, and brings total landholding in northeastern Nicaragua to approximately 60,000 hectares.
Writing (as an "Orientalist") in the early years of the twenty-first century, Borsch contrasts what he takes to be the entirely forward-looking and enlightened responses of the English landholding classes (no mention of the Church as holder of 20-25% of the land of England) to the demographic hemorrhages caused by the bubonic plague in and after 1348 / 49 with (2) the initiative-stifling responses made by the land-holders of Egypt, the Mamluk ruling elite.
By tapping underutilized sites in the portfolios of other landholding public agencies, the city expects to create significant additional affordable rental and ownership opportunities.