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a holder or proprietor of land

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It is worth mentioning here that under the present law, a landholder can keep up to100 acres irrigated, 200 acres of un-irrigated land or 8000 Produce Index Units (PIU) by paying Rs 30 per PIU.
Furthermore, whilst previous research (Eriksen and Prior, 2011) suggests a shift in landholder relationships with landscape fire over the first decade of owning a rural property, there has been limited inquiry into the processes involved in this shift.
Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane says any landholder could nominate a site to store intermediate level radioactive waste and dispose of low-level waste.
Contracts between a funder (such as, say, a catchment authority) and a land manager are then established, with the landholder receiving periodic payments for agreed management activities.
COUNTRYSIDE: The NAIS that is going around will be the worst pandemic the small landholder will ever have.
With 33 properties spread across 612 square kilometres, Wallbridge is the largest Canadian landholder in the Sudbury camp, where it has spent a projected $20 million to date.
Its AMREP Southwest subsidiary is a major landholder and a leading developer of real estate in New Mexico.
The consortium undertook wide-ranging landholder and community consultation before establishing a community program to remove, control and monitor the weeds in accessible parts of the lagoons.
As the majority landholder within the annexation area, the Bushnell Family Trust (owners of the proposed College Park property) will have the majority vote.
So all the land we picked up, and we are the biggest landholder in Timmins, was all selected based on more prospectivity, rather than less prospectivity, so we had the choice, and that was part of our strategy.
The purchase that made Drey the state's largest individual landholder came in 1954.
The land position covers more than 2,500 square kilometers of granted tenements both for exploration and mining, which would make IGC the dominant landholder in the region.
MAG continues to hold a 100% interest in the surrounding Lagartos NW and SE properties that make MAG the largest landholder in the Zacatecas Silver district.
Dr Lynham told Parliament that under the changes to the Mineral and Energy (Common Provisions) Act 2014, resource companies would be required to cover the reasonable and necessary agronomist costs incurred by a landholder to assess the real impact of resources activities on their land.