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a count who had jurisdiction over a large territory in medieval Germany

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2) An album owned by Francis Segar, an Englishman who spent much of his career in Kassel, Germany, and who accompanied the Hessian Landgrave Moritz's son Otto to London in 1611 when the prince was a hopeful for the hand of James' daughter, contains the signature of Ben Jonson on one page, with a dedication in Latin, and that of Inigo Jones on another, with a motto in Italian.
And we know that Marburg and the Academia Marpurgensis, where Hartmann studied, was in a line of theatrical activity associated with the Landgrave Moritz, who not only kept English actors at court in Kassel but regularly lent the actors to others, endorsed their appearance at the Frankfurt am Main fair, and, in 1604-6, built the English-style Ottoneum theater.
The commentary necessarily goes over much of the same ground as Wolter-von dem Knesebeck's monograph, with short articles on the courtly culture of the landgraves, the Romanesque binding, the script, the style of the miniatures, the calendar, and the iconographical programme, all well documented by an appendix of plates.
Yet it turns out to be one of the most useful concise guides to the provenance, dating, and literature on many of the most important collections of late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century music, including the Graz choirbooks housed in the Austrian National Library; the manuscripts from the Sammlung Bohn, lost during the Second World War and now in Berlin; the manuscripts from the courts of Landgraves Moritz and Wilhelm of Hessen-Kassel, now in the Landesbibliothek und Murhardsche Bibliothek der Stadt Kassel; and the Proske Collection in the Bischofliche Zentralbibliothek, Regensburg.
For the literary or cultural historian it offers a first-hand glimpse of the world of the Thuringian landgraves, in which Hermann I acted as patron to poets such as Heinrich von Veldeke, the author of the Eneas (c.
The book is particularly to be welcomed for the new impetus it gives to the study of the court culture of the Thuringian landgraves and to the broader cultural significance of luxury psalters in the thirteenth century.
Holladay, Illuminating the Epic: The Kassel `Willehalm' Codex and the Landgraves of Hesse in the Early Fourteenth Century, College Art Association Monograph on the Fine Arts 54 (Seattle; London: College Art Association; University of Washington Press, x996).