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owning or consisting of land or real estate


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7) Furthermore, for those of us who have learned from and been shaped by the work of the late John Howard Yoder, Boyarin's work helps us better understand the promises and possible pitfalls of Yoder's posthumously published work on the Jewish-Christian encounter: first, by helping us see better than Yoder did the importance of Jewish-Christian difference even in the midst of efforts to heal theo-political schism; and second, by showing how Yoder's proposed "Jeremian politics" is a way of living faithfully in the land, not, as his critics suggest, a way of abdicating responsibility to landed existence.
xxxiii) In Land, Power and Economics on the Frontier of Upper Canada, John Clarke argues that British land policy and its implementation and manipulation by various individuals reflected an Upper Canadian mentality that rejected the unruly democratic impulses emanating from the new republic to the south and upheld 1-lanoverian understandings of the relationship between landed wealth and power.
Johnson declared that the decision would lead "to much litigation where questions had been settled for years, and put everything respecting landed property into the greatest confusion.
Landed property empires and rentier fiefdoms may not be the unchallenged sources of power they were, bu land speculation and land-use contests are hardly becoming ghosts in the RAM machine of cybernetic real estate.
After several failed efforts to shake the stuck gear loose, the pilot landed the plane in a lopsided position, with just the nose wheel and right landing gear down.