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a capital tax on property imposed by municipalities

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A centrally administered land tax would result in the loss of local autonomy, accountability, and transparency, he pointed out.
It has been replaced by a stamp duty land tax form, which is much more complicated and must be signed by the taxpayer and not his solicitors.
There seems to be a general consensus among such writers as [Harold (1970); Yaqub (1971); Chowdhury (1971); Khan (1991) and World Bank (1999)] on the repeal of land revenue system in favour of agricultural income or graduated land tax.
The proposal was voiced by the head of the LDPR faction Sergei Pivkov, who noted that, in accordance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, the establishment or abolition of land tax refers to the powers of representative bodies of municipal entities.
Under the proposal, landowners with empty plots they are not using will have to pay a vacant land tax.
Although the vacant land tax idea will be used to test the Wales Act powers, work will continue on the others.
Tragically however, the land tax was never properly implemented.
Mayor Evelio Leonardia said the "overwhelming land tax payment" is a sign that business confidence has been restored under his administration.
17-123, the local government last week started imposing an ad valorem on real property, also known as the idle land tax.
Based on Muntinlupa Revenue Code, landowners are exempted from the idle land tax for reasons of force majeure or natural calamity, and unfavorable physical factors as certified by the Department of Agriculture.
Starting from January1, 2018, legal entities in Uzbekistan will pay land tax monthly in equal portions, the country's State Tax Committee told Trend on January4.
The Welsh Government says the new threshold is "PS55,000 higher than the starting threshold for stamp duty land tax in England".
Summary: Saudi Arabia will not roll out the next phase of the white land tax before 2020, according to a ministry of housing official.
Thiruvananthapuram: The suicide by a Kerala farmer on Wednesday, apparently because local officials refused to accept the land tax that he was ready to pay, has triggered wide protests in the state and the suspension of two government officials.