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Once a land site has passed the primary assessment and an offer has been accepted, John's role is then to instruct solicitors to draw up a contractual agreement and assist the technical department when they prepare the planning application.
Finnish real estate investor Sponda Plc said on Tuesday (15 May) that it has purchased a 20-hectare land site in the Moscow region of Russia from Llc Bamo-Land.
Canyon has the ability to creatively structure transactions and navigate difficult situations, and do so both quickly and professionally," said Andy Friend, one of the developers of the Kauai land site.
Three of his clients were among the 16 companies selected by the Ontario government in January to assess wind power potential on 21 selected Crown land sites.
Another popular technique is applying a percentage (often determined by a public jurisdiction) to the potential gross income (PGI) or the effective gross income (EGI) of the improved submerged land site.
Finnish real estate investor Sponda Plc said on Friday (20 April) that it has purchased a 46-hectare land site near St.
Salalah: More than 109,000 visited Frankincense Land Site in Dhofar Governorate during the Khareef season from June 21 to September 21.
6-acre land site that is part of the larger Giralda Farms complex located in both Madison and Chatham, New Jersey.
7 billion project will be provided by the City ($350 million), the State ($350 million), the sale of bonds collected by the hotel industry ($645 million) and from the proceeds of the sale of a land site between 33rd Street and 34th Street to a private developer.
City Developments (CDL) has announced that along with an undisclosed American investment company, it has bought a prime freehold land site in Tokyo in a deal worth S$355.
The retail building will have a PM from one of the sellers, while Riverdale Development Association is planning on using the air rights from the retail building to develop a residential building on the land site.
Courtney Henderson and Angela Park have been hired as leasing associates in the firm's brokerage practice where they will provide both tenants and third parties with leasing and land site location services.
recently announced that it has received the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection permits to develop a 47-acre land site on Highway 34 North in Wall, N.
5 million bridge loan for an 8,400 s/f land site in Brooklyn, N.
Deltic Timber Corporation (NYSE:DEL) announced today the extension of its sales contract with an affiliate of RED Development, LLC regarding the sale of a 48-acre, commercial land site located in Deltic's Chenal Valley real estate development in Little Rock, Arkansas.