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an explosive mine hidden underground

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So far no group claimed responsibility of the attack but land mine blast killed many including women in restive Kohlu District.
Steve Goose, director of the Arms Division at Human Rights Watch, said the Houthis and forces loyal to Saleh "have been flouting the land mine ban at the expense of Yemeni civilians.
Michael Yadao, when the land mine explosion in Barangay Lamanan past 4 p.
President Bill Clinton called the land mine problem "a global tragedy," saying, "In all probability land mines kill more children than soldiers, and they keep killing after wars are oven.
said: ''The president's land mine policy seriously weakens the United States at a time when threats to the nation are on the rise.
The guerrillas later set off a land mine as three ambulances were heading to evacuate injured troops, wounding five civilian volunteers.
The land mine exploded when army and security forces were searching for terrorist militants in that area.
The land mines were randomly planted in farms, houses, mosques and mountains," said Mohammed Jabhan, a social leader in Ahim district.
forces are no longer authorized to employ persistent land mines, nonpersistent scatterable mines are the only deployable land mine systems currently in the U.
Summary: As Lebanon faces a new threat of land mines along its shared border with Syria, the 11th meeting of states party to the Ottawa Treaty banning land mines.
21, "A land mine went off when civilians, celebrationg the Noruz Holiday, stepped on it, killing three and critically wounding one.
Land mine detection is traditionally done by dogs, but African giant pouched rats might be better suited to finding these buried bombs.
The Land Mine Locator from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, Calif.
CAIRO: A medical official says a land mine, left over from the Arab Israeli wars, has exploded in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, killing three teenagers and wounding two others.
The foam -- which acts as an explosive -- can be sprayed from a distance onto an active land mine, which is then blown up with a remote detonator.