land mass

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a large continuous extent of land

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Mauritius is a tiny country which, with a land mass of 1,865 kilometres, is about 0.
What this translates to is that 370,000 hectares of Nigeria's land mass will have been given away to a particular group in the country for their personal business.
The report concluded that the 270,000 hectares of The r the 2 land taken up by golf courses equates to two per cent of the nation's land mass.
Libya roughly makes up 22% of North Africa's land mass.
We have tried to weigh the ice in the past, but GRACE only measures the combined effect of the ice changes and the land mass changes occurring beneath the Earth's surface,' said the project's leader, Matt King of Newcastle University.
Nationhood requires a common need to exist, usually based on culture or a land mass.
The 8ft move in land mass - of an area almost double the size of Britain - was revealed by experts who studied GPS satnav readings and satellite maps.
This was a surprise, since, according to geological theory, India had been an isolated land mass for around 100m years.
A map of the world from an atlas which concentrates on population rather than land mass has been published by researchers from the University of Sheffield and shows which cities are the largest, how all urban areas compare, and whether many or few people live in the countryside.
A MAP of Northern Ireland from a new world atlas which concentrates on population rather than land mass has been published.
Composed mainly of tiny bits of broken plastic, the 'Garbage Patch' lies a thousand miles off California and is larger than the combined land mass of the British Isles.
He works through early maps upon which explorers claimed to have found Jave la Grande, a land mass which some identified as Australia, then gives the investigation his own stamp when he analyzes records of exactly where explorers thought this land mass was, what shape it took, and how they named what appears to be its beautiful, if transient features.
We should have clarified that California boasts the largest population, not land mass, of any state.
This is a small island and we already accept more asylum seekers per land mass than any other country in the EU.
The truth is that because we have a huge land mass, a modest population and an economy vastly different than southern Ontario we have an extraordinarily difficult time being heard, much less listened to.