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a telephone line that travels over terrestrial circuits

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According to the report, the land line subscriptions rate to population recorded 7.
Summary: Telecommunications Minister Boutros Harb announced Tuesday the launching of the One-Stop Shop in all of Ogero's offices in order to serve all clients with land lines as well as touch and Alfa mobile numbers.
The Anthony's Convenient Land Line System is also currently in Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
However, after the new phenomena adopted by the present regime to stop telecommunication through mobile network, have increased the importance of PTCL and large number of cellular addicted people have turned their attention towards PTCL land line network system.
Local calls to land lines will cost five fils a minute.
Getting our names from the post box or our land line is not a problem.
For each set, Pew conducted two parallel surveys: one land line only and one land line with a cell phone supplement.
Like the rest of the country, most Montanans have both wireless and land line phone service.
Technology expert Dr Mike Reddy of the University of Wales, Newport, said land lines would always serve a purpose in Wales while mobile phone coverage was so poor.
Tim Schulte, a 24-year-old editor working in Chicago, didn't have to make a phone switch; he never had a land line phone.
The docking system is capable of supporting two users at the same time -- one on the land line and the other on the mobile line.
The prosecution at their Belfast Crown Court trial yesterday conceded that two mobile phones featured in the case belonged to Gareth O'Connor, that a third phone called using the two other phones was "in possession of police" and that two land line telephone numbers, also called, were numbers for Armagh police station.
And if the caller can't communicate or is too young to give directions, officials can't trace the call to an address like they can over a land line.
The Association of Convenience Stores has agreed a partnership with mobile and fixed telecoms service provider, the Team Group, to offer independent retailers savings on mobile and land line telephone calls.
VitalLink 1,200 transmits the patient's blood pressure, heart rhythm, blood oxygen levels, temperature and pulse over a land line, mobile or satellite phone.