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a grant of public land (as to a railway or college)

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The committee, which was set up by the provincial governorate of Madinah, discovered that a number of plots that had been earmarked for the government's land grant program had gone to municipal officials and their relatives.
Senior administrators at many of the 43 minority-serving institutions told us that they submit few, if any, proposals because their institutions' limited resources place them at a disadvantage in competing with the major land grant universities.
More limited forms of ownership (mining rights, for example), or simply smaller land grants, might be allocated to entities that send robotic probes to survey a territory (to a specified degree of precision).
Westland was formerly called the Town of Atrisco, a community land grant corporation which was the successor to the Spanish land grant called the Atrisco Grant.
In Glendale, many people think history began with the days of Verdugo,'' he said, referring to Jose Maria Verdugo, who once held a land grant that encompassed Glendale and surrounding cities.
With this project's completion, nearly the entire Llano Seco Ranch, an 18,434-acre Mexican Land Grant, will be permanently shielded from development in a fast-growing area of California.
This discussion of the current state of the land grant university first looks at the past to see the origins of land grant universities and their original purposes.
The music I think was very good, very apropos of the year and the time,'' said Dallas, who celebrated with three other generations of Adamsons and Rindges, who are descended from Frederick Hastings Rindge and May Knight Rindge, last owners of the Malibu Spanish Land Grant.
Robert Taylor, Dean and Director, Land Grant Programs, College of Agriculture and Food Science, Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL, has been re-appointed to represent Category G.
SHNM has agreed that the trust will promote and preserve the ancestral and cultural heritage of Westland's shareholders and the Atrisco Land Grant.
Agriculture Secretary also stated that 2 plans are available for Land Grant Universities students and faculty: the 1890 Scholars Program that attract students for community and Agriculture Department careers, and the CBG Program raising networking between faculty members.
In addition, SHNM has agreed to contribute $1 million for 100 years following the closing of the merger, into a trust for the charitable purpose of promoting and preserving the ancestral heritage of Westland's shareholders and the history of the Atrisco Land Grant, and to otherwise serve the local community.
The main priorities of the Fiscal Year 2015 $44,179,000 operating budget are funding Inspire scholarships, competitive research grants and a $1 million land grant match.
But to archeologists Joe Simon and Dave Whitley, the melted glass and burnt pottery found behind the Strathearn Adobe last spring reveal and confirm much about life at the headquarters of El Rancho Simi, the 113,000-acre land grant occupied first by the Spanish, and later by Mexicans fleeing that country after independence.