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a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land

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It would only apply to people who are employed by a registered land agent, not those with a less formal arrangement such as managing a residential property for a relative.
Until research is completed into land agents in other parts of the country, we lack a full, comparative picture, and we must hope this volume will generate further studies in other localities.
lt;BThe land at Chilton Moor, Sunderland, sold through specialist development land agents Wisemove, where 70 homes will now be built
At that time, there had never been a female land agent working for the company.
DMPC, who will also be offering free advice to members, are one of the leading firms of land agents, chartered surveyors and valuers in the country dealing with agricultural dispute resolution ranging from landlord and tenant advice to compulsory purchase negotiations.
Quicker decision-making was possible because land agents, the field constructability team, and biological and cultural teams all had access to the same dynamic map.
She told RTE's This Week: "It was like a cattle market, as you went into the hall you were funneled through lines of developers, land agents, landowners and it was hard to make out who owned what.
Denton Clark has acted as land agents to many of Cheshire and the north-west's leading landowners and is well known for the sale of rural property including farms and land.
A WALES and Shropshire firm of land agents has linked up with business consultants to capitalise on the growing on-farm renewable energy sector.
The dedicated green belt volunteers fighting to expose the flawed case for bloating this city, trotted out by self-serving local politicians and well-paid teams of land agents, planners and bureaucrats, are actually fighting for you.
We welcome inquiries from landowners and farmers or their representatives such as land agents and solicitors.
A lot of people will know him through their dealings with him, especially land agents and farmers, as well as construction professionals, marketing people, design agents and engineers.
Company spokesman Julian Walker-Palin said: 'We have been informed by land agents that the local education authority has put the land up for sale with a view to selling it on the open market.
Defense analysts say North Korean spy ships often carry smaller vessels used to land agents in Japan.
Employees include geologists and land agents in Arch's land management group and others in environmental and information technology for the company's eastern operations.
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