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Synonyms for lancinating

marked by severity or intensity

Synonyms for lancinating

painful as if caused by a sharp instrument

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There may be fever with a cold sweat, deep burns with vesicles, oedema, swelling and burning of the skin, infected flesh, and inflammatory swelling, burning or lancinating pain and the body may seem icy cold.
A key secondary end point was improvement in the Neuropathy Total Symptom Score (NTSS-6), which is a validated composite quantification of numbness, tingling, aching, burning or lancinating pain, and allodynia.
Some patients also complain of brief lancinating pains described as electrical or lightening pains which can be spontaneous or evoked.
Carbamazapine is most effective in relieving the sharp, lancinating component of neuropathic pain rather than dull constant pain.
Symptoms of NeP often include a reported lack of sensation in the area and pain, with the pain being described as electric-like or lancinating.
The list consisted of the following words: aching, biting, burning, cold, cramping, crushing, cutting, dull, electric, flashing, lacerating, lancinating, penetrating, pinching, pressing, pricking, pulsating, radiating, sharp, shocking, shooting, stabbing, stinging, and throbbing.
The pain is lancinating and recurring; lasting 20-30 seconds at the time.
Patients were asked about the type(s) of their pain (constant or intermittent lancinating pain), and the presence of paresthesia and dysesthesia.
Immediately after the incident, the patient noted a sensation of lancinating right ear pain, extremely loud tinnitus, and mild dizziness.
The classic form of trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is characterized by provokable, paroxysmal episodes of excruciating lancinating facial pain.
The range of registration in this prickly conditional offers a remarkable snapshot of Dorn's rhetorical volatility: from wistful Elizabethanism to lancinating speech-action in four lines.
Is it a sandpaper sensation, lancinating pain, or a burning pain?
Sensory symptoms include numbness, prickling, aching pain, burning pain, lancinating pain or allodynia (pain resulting from a non-noxious stimulus to normal skin).