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shaped in the form of a lancet

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They also discovered that folding the black construction paper in half vertically, then cutting a curve starting at the folded corner and out/downward toward the open edges allows for a wonderfully uniform lancet-shaped frame.
These were subdivided into small chambers by fine septae and filled with lancet-shaped cystozoites (7.
Giemsa stains of conjunctival discharge from seven students showed lancet-shaped diplococci in a preponderance of neurrophils.
j) Gram-positive lancet-shaped cocci found singly, in pairs or in short chains.
pneumoniae pneumonia was presumptively diagnosed in this couple on the basis of symptoms, signs, and chest X-rays compatible with the diagnosis of pneumonia, as well as sputum samples, which had gram-positive lancet-shaped cocci identified on Gram stain and grew S.
The apparatus is a puncturing gun consisting of a lancet-shaped probe with a head for measuring light reflected off the layers it penetrates.