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a quadrille for 8 or 16 couples

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After the lancers there was a waltz; after the waltz a polka; and then a terrible thing happened; the music, which had been sounding regularly with five-minute pauses, stopped suddenly.
Faith, France gave herself to him, like a handsome girl to a lancer, and the Pope and all his cardinals in robes of red and gold come across the Alps on purpose to anoint him before the army and the people, who clap their hands.
A French lancer had speared the young ensign in the leg, who fell, still bravely holding to his flag.
It was Captain Osborne that cut down the French lancer who had speared the ensign.
Lancers were always reliable and easy to live with but they were seldom exciting and never really what you would call design classics.
FOR a taste of Bengal and North India in Edinburgh, look no further than Lancers, in upmarket Stockbridge.
MITSUBISHI is about to mount an offensive on the popular car front, bringing in a line-up of Lancers to lead the charge.