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(formerly) a cavalryman armed with a lance

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Lancer's renowned Lancer Method, the new offerings will feature entirely original formulas that expertly navigate the specific skincare needs of men today.
In addition to the lowered price, all Lancer EX models come complete with free registration, six-year unlimited mileage warranty, six-year roadside assistance and
But the Lancer became the first Mitsubishi with which Europeans fell in love.
The CVT-equipped Lancer is rated at 26 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway.
When Riley started Lancer Label, he had no idea the impact his new business would have," says Fred Nelson, general sales manager, Lancer Label.
Neither of these uses are in accordance with the garage non-dealer policy issued by Lancer.
The automaker Mitsubishi Japan ordered 1,000 Lancer Fortis to be delivered over the next three months, and production lines will work overtime.
Because your family is the most precious cargo you'll ever carry, the Lancer offers first-class safety features, ensuring driver and passengers are protected by state-ofthe-art technology.
Whilst its main markets are likely to be North America, Russia and Japan, the 10th generation Lancer has been specifically designed to attract European customers wanting a niche brand.
The new model will be produced alongside the current Lancer that went into production and on sale in 1998 and will be sold through HML's network of 37 dealerships.
Both the Jockey Club and the Racing Post were tipped off that Red Lancer would not win the Wolverhampton seller on October 20, 2003.
Also taking a prominent place on the display stand will be the Lancer Evolution IX that is due to appear in European showrooms during the fourth quarter of this year.
Packed with equipment and prices almost in the bargain basement, the new Lancer is poised to deliver a knockout blow.
Although there are the Lancer underpinnings, the engine in the Outlander is a modified version of the base motor found in the Galant, Eclipse Coupe, and Spyder.