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(of a leaf shape) shaped like a lance head


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12 and 13) with lateral margins asymmetrical, median projection club-shaped, narrow and elongate, apex rounded; lateral lanceolate lobes narrow and elongate.
such as the three-segmented antenna with four rhinaria on segment 3, the presence of a humeral lobe on the forewing pad and the marginal lanceolate setae on the wing pads and caudal plate.
Valves lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, ends rounded and slightly subrostrate.
to lanceolate, acuminate at apex, denticulate in upper half, 15-20 cm
LEAF DESCRIPTION: SIMPLE, 4" to 6" long and to 1/2" wide, narrow lanceolate shape with long acuminate tip and serrulate margins.
6 cm Number and shape of 0-1 pair, broad 1-2 pairs, narrow lateral lobes of the leaf Shape and color of broadly elliptic, lanceolate to the bracts entire or with 1 or broadly lanceolate, 2 broad lateral deeply 3-5-lobate, lobes, bright red red tipped when young, then purplish Length of the <1 mm 2-4 mm pedicel Total length of the 0.
aurea with narrowly to broadly lanceolate segments, 5-35 mm wide and 4-6 cm long, margins with coarse teeth, all similar in shape 8b.
Nymphs of the Asian citrus psyllid can be distinguished from all of these by its 3--segmented antenna, narrow lateral thoracic sclerites, and a series of lanceolate setae on the margin of the abdomen (Fig.
2A); chaetigers 2-4, notochaetae arranged in three tiers, first row short, slightly bent, unilimbate, second row slightly longer than first row, spear-shaped, third row long, lanceolate; chaetigers 6-10 similar to anterior chaetigers, but chaetae of first row more sharply bent; in subsequent chaetigers short chaetae fewer and longer, increase in number; no modified posterior notochaetae; chaetigers 1-4 with well-developed neuropodial lobes with two rows of neurochaetae, first row unilimbate, second row lanceolate, neuropodial lobes of chaetigers 6-7 smaller, neurochaetae of chaetiger 6 similar to chaetigers 1-4.
also differs from Canistrum by the narrowly ovate to obovate or lanceolate petals (vs.
soja from Jilin province of China and proposed four categories for leaflet shape (ovate, long ovate, lanceolate and linear) and three classes for leaflet size (small, intermediate and large) in G.
52 cm long; fronds 10-100 cm long, with blades commonly elliptic, oblong, or lanceolate and blade bases mostly cuneate.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: ODD PINNATELY COMPOUND, 8" to 12" long, 5 to 9 leaflets (usually 7), leaflets 3" to 6" long and 1 1/4" to 2" as wide, ovate to lanceolate shape with long, acuminate tips and entire to sharply serrated margins.