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small translucent lancet-shaped burrowing marine animal

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The comparison revealed that the thalamus, pretectum, and midbrain regions now found in vertebrates correspond to a single region in the lancelet brain, suggesting a common evolutionary and developmental origin.
The myotome formula of the lancelet Epigonichthys lucayanum (Acrania): can variations be related to larval dispersion patterns?
A cartilaginous rod found in vertegbrate embryos, running between the primitive vertebrates such as the lancelet or Amphioxus.
Dr David Ferrier, who led the St Andrews team, said yesterday: "The lancelet is one of only a very few invertebrates around today which are also chordates, which is why we chose to study it.
The team scoured the lancelet genome for precursors to a class of genes known as variable-region, or V-region, genes.
The size range of suspended particles trapped and ingested by the filter-feeding lancelet Branchiostoma floridae (Cephalochordata: Acrania).
Included in this public database are a number of marine invertebrates: the ascidians, Ciona intestinalis (684,319 ESTs), Halocynthia roretzi (4192 ESTs) and Polyandrocarpa misakiensis (465 ESTs), the lancelet Branchiostoma floridae (277,538), the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (130,988 ESTs), the oyster Crassostrea virginica (9018 ESTs) and the prawn Penaeus monodon (1611 ESTs) (dbEST release July 22, 2005).
Religious narratives (including Foxe's), sermons (in addition to the well-studied sermons of John Donne or Lancelet Andrewes), satiric pamphlets, liturgical verse (as opposed to the widely-mined devotional poetry) -- all are now being opened to a reinvigorated literary investigation.
No marked difference exists between the frequencies of right and left sides at the individual level (ammocoetes: 41 to 45 observations each for six specimens, with 134 total right-side down, 125 total left; lancelet adults: 18 to 31 observations each for four individuals, with 42 right and 59 left; Gislen, 1930).
To dispel these uncertainties and clarify the important invariant feature of the sperm motility, the sperm and their flagellar movements were quantitatively described in the lancelet and fish spermatozoa by using high-speed video microscopy (Ishijima a al.
Currently, 32 lancelet species are recognized: 24 in the genus Branchiostoma, 7 in the genus Asymmetron, and 1 in the genus Epigonichthys (Poss and Boschung, 1996; Nishikawa, 2004; Zhang et al.
The same search parameters were also applied to identify usherin in the genomes of Homo sapiens, the domestic chicken Gallus gallus, the pufferfish Takifugu rubripes, the tunicate Ciona savignyi, the lancelet Branchiostoma floridae, the purple sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus, the limpet Lottia gigantea, and the polychaete Capitella sp.
Contrary to its similarity to vertebrates in basic body structures, the lancelet (amphioxus) develops a nervous system with many unique features.
For example, Lacalli and West (1993) propose that the distinctive multipolar cells of echinoderm circumoral ciliary bands are homologous with similar neurons in the ciliary bands of the hemichordate tomaria, as well as with those in the dorsal nerve cord of ammocoete larvae of the lancelet Branchiostoma.