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shaped like a lance

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To see the creamy white blossoms (5-7cm across) set off against the glossy deep green of its long (12cm), leathery lance-shaped leaves is one of the true joys of spring.
Distinguishing characteristics of Eggert's sunflower include opposite, stalkless, lance-shaped leaves that are rough and waxy on the upper leaf surfaces and white on the undersides.
Quicksilver', a deciduous variety, puts on a pretty show of yellow flowers produced from silver buds which look great against its lance-shaped silvery leaves.
majalis spreads by means of underground, branching rhizomes which produce lance-shaped leaves and white bell flowers.
You can expect to see Azara which is a very elegant, evergreen small tree or shrub from Chile and Argentina and has attractive, narrow, lance-shaped, bright green leaves and an abundance of tiny, yellow flowers in spring.
Everyone in Scene II was infected with a microscopic, lance-shaped fluke, a trematode called Dicrocoelium dendriticum.
Plants are compact with bright rose-pink flowers and wide lush dark green lance-shaped foliage.
These trees are easily recognized by their glossy, lance-shaped leaves and stout, one-inch thorns, which give them value as fences for farm animals.
Feathery, lance-shaped fronds are soft yellow-green.
The alternate stem leaves are lance-shaped and deeply toothed to lobed along the margins.
Their leaves are nearly all thin and lance-shaped, and the plant is always found along streams.
This semi-vining plant had swollen, slightly reddish joints almost like knees to which were clasped lush, lance-shaped leaves.
Its common name of 'Sandpaper Verbena' comes from the rough surface of the dark green, lance-shaped leaves.
A tall, elegant plant with dark branching stems, it bears lance-shaped leaves and clusters of vibrant lilac-purple flowers through the summer months.