lance corporal

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an enlisted man in the marine corps ranking above a private first class and below a corporal

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Lieutenant Colonel Bossi added: "In his personal life Lance Corporal Davies was a live wire who enjoyed nothing more than a night on the town.
Lance Corporal Robinson said he was speechless when he heard he would be receiving the honour.
Tragically, as the casualty was being extracted, Corporal Stenton and Lance Corporal Monkhouse were b o t h killed by small arms fire.
Lance Corporal Idzi said: "It's fantastic that Wales will host this year's national event for Armed Forces Day.
The couple have a daughter, Mya, 6, and Lance Corporal McLellan said he developed a ritual of looking at photos of her before going out on patrols in Afghanistan.
L/Cpl Roney's death followed that of Lance Corporal Michael David Pritchard, 22, of the 4th Regiment Royal Military Police, in a separate incident in Sangin on Sunday.
A bearer party from Lance Corporal Ford's brigade, 45 Commando Royal Marines, carried his coffin draped in a Union Flag.
A funeral service for the Lance Corporal, who served with the 1st Royal, Irish Regiment, was to be led by the Rev Richard Livingston, vicar at St Mary the Virgin Church, Church Lane, Bearley, at 12pm.
They were named as Corporal Russell Aston, Lance Corporal Ben Hyde, Lance Corporal Thomas Richard Keys, Corporal Simon Miller, Sergeant Simon Hamilton-Jewell and Corporal Paul Long.
A BRITISH soldier who was killed in Afghanistan on Saturday has been named as Lance Corporal Paul Watkins.
But after returning home, the Lance Corporal died when he was hit by a taxi in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire.
Dad-of-two Lance Corporal Alan Redford, of Moreton, Wirral, is one of five men of the 1st Battalion, the Mercian Regiment, who are being recognised for gallantry.
Lance Corporal Andrew Coates, aged 21, from Maypole, and Second Lieutenant Ellie Bassett, 27, from Moseley, competed in an army skiing contest, organised by 1 (UK) Armoured Division in the alpine town of Les Contamines de Montjoie near Mont Blanc, last month.
Lance Corporal Stephen Monkhouse, 28, of Greenock, died alongside Royal Dragoon Corporal Matthew Stenton, 21, as they were caught in a firefight with the Taliban.