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covered with dense cottony hairs or hairlike filaments


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5-16 mm in diameter, inner surface with dark red or purple spots, glandular trichomes dorsally; corolla lobes 5, subequal, spreading, white, apex rounded, ventral lobe 16-17 x 12-14 mm, oblong, margin slightly erose, glabrous, lateral lobes 8-13 x 9-10 mm, ovate to oblong, margin slightly erose, lanate abaxially, glabrous adaxially, dorsal lobes 8-10 x 8-11 mm, ovate, margin entire.
Leaves apically clustered and densely spirally inserted, alternate; sessile to subsessile, petioles, when present, clasping; blades lanceolate to obovate, coriaceous, pinnately veined, margin entire, lanate when young, glabrous with age.
Vet Evangelou Zacharias said that a cocktail of plant pesticides are often used to kill the dogs now that Lanate, the traditional poison in animal deaths, is harder to get.
Of particular concern, he said, is that he did not believe Lanate, the traditional poison in animal deaths, was used in these cases.
However, according to vets, the effect of the tough regulations -- severely restricting the sale of Lanate and similar pesticides -- is being undermined by other poisons coming from the occupied areas.
Inflorescence laxly paniculate, broadly pyramidate, tripinnate at base and bipinnate toward the apex, 65-70 cm long, 20-45 cm in diameter at base, erect, rachis white lanate but soon glabrous, dark purple-wine, rugulose, straight to slightly flexuous near the apex, 1-1.
The party, which met with Agriculture Minister Michalis Polynikis on Wednesday to discuss animal welfare and the lack of state aid and legislation towards this, said Lanate continued to be used to kill cats and dogs despite an EU-wide ban in March.
29 mm long, greenish-white; sepals 26-27 mm long, greenish-white, densely and coarsely white-lepidote with lanate apex; petals bearing laminate appendages--5.
Perdikis highlighted that Cyprus came first in Europe with 10,000 animals poisoned each year, mainly after swallowing food tainted with the lethal pesticide Lanate.
Although prison authorities believe the lanate, a poison most commonly but illegally used to kill animals, was not going to be used to target a specific inmate, questions were raised regarding how it got into the building in the first place.
3 cm wide; sepals broadly lanceolate, densely lanate, ca.
I'm pleased to say that the ban on Lanate and other methomyl poisons will be enforced in Cyprus this year.
adaxially densely and coarsely white-lepidote near the base and subdensely whitelepidote to glabrecent toward the apex), floral bracts densely and coarsely white lepidote but at the apex not lanate (vs.
The Greens will collect signatures for a ban on sales of poisons such as Lanate and are calling on the authorities to impose harsh penalties on those caught in the act.
The refusal of residents to remove their dogs was followed by the suspicious poisoning of a number of pets, both dogs and cats, with lanate.